Black Star Diopside Gemstone

Black Star Diopside Gemstone

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Black star diopside is also known as star of India. It is a very recent variety of cabochon found. This is generally blackish or blackish-green in color. It is rarely green in color. Black star diopside is round or oval in shape, with an unpolished base. The star characteristic has four rays, two of which are straight, while the other two are not at right angles to the first pair. Black star diposide is measured in several tens of carats. They are commonly cut large in shape.


Star diopside has only binary symmetry. Star has four rays. When the gem has conspicuous needle-like crystals (of magnetite), it is easily attracted by a magnet. Black star diopside generally occurs in India.


Black Star Diopside brings one closer to the divine communication. It is traditionally used to acknowledge knowledge of the past. Black star diopside is used for meditation. This gemstone is used in the healing of blood-related disorder and strengthens the immune system.

It can also be used in pendants and bracelets studded in silver.

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