Bloodstone Facts and Information

Bloodstone Facts and Information

Bloodstone – Healing
Bloodstone gemstone is red green color stone and belongs to semi precious gemstone category. It has an appearance of green quartz and flecked with red or yellow jasper often medium and tumbled. Bloodstone is readily available and found in Australia, Brazil, China and Russia.
Bloodstone is an excellent cleanser and it helps in cleansing the circulatory system and cures the disease of related to the blood. It is believed to possess mystical and magical properties and banish evil and the negative aspect of a person’s life. It is also known as an “audible oracle”, that gives off sound and proper guidance to the person and the soul of the body. It is an excellent grounding stone and heightens the intuition and creativity.

Bloodstone Jewelry
Although this gemstone works well if worn as a finger ring but since time immemorial it is used studded in pendant and necklace. There is a believe that it brings positive energy and removes the negativity. It is said that wearing bloodstone gemstone jewelry can combat the effect of the black magic and an evil eye.

Bloodstone Healing
Bloodstone is an energy cleanser and an immune stimulator. It is widely used in the treatment of blood related disorders. It detoxifies the liver, intestine and the kidney. It is very useful for the person suffering from the low blood pressure or an imbalance in the blood pressure. Bloodstone helps in repairing the RBC( Red Blood Cells ) of the body and prevents anemia. It is also helpful in the case of leukemia, reduces the formation of pus, and neutralizes the overacidfication. It can be used to heal the ancestral line and cleanses the lower chakras of the body.

Bloodstone Benefits
This gemstone gives courage and the strength to fight for the difficult situation in life. Mentally, it calms and removes the negative and the emergency and makes one capable of taking appropriate decision according to the situation. Emotionally, it heals the heart and absorbs the hatred and negative tendencies towards one. It helps to heighten the intuition and increases creativity.

Bloodstone Price
There are many gemstones sellers selling bloodstone; although it is a semiprecious gemstone, it is essential to have a proper certificate of authentication from IGI and GIA. Sometimes you may not get natural bloodstone so before buying ask for the price. The price of the bloodstone varies and it may start from USD 10 to USD 1000. If you want to buy Online bloodstone in India, USA and UK, then you may contact We have natural certified gemstone in a wholesale price.

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