Burmese Ruby

Burmese Ruby – King of Gemstones

The most valuable variety of the mineral corundum is the Red coloured “Ruby”. The red and the pigeon red color of the Burmese ruby are due to the trace element of the chromium. For thousands of years, it has been the most valuable gemstone.

When we speak of Ruby the benchmark is the Burma Ruby also called as Burmese Ruby. For centuries, this is the most valuable gemstone. Burma Ruby is the rarest and it is as valuable as Colombian emerald and Kashmir blue sapphire.

Whether the color of the gem is a deep intense red, royal red or hot pink, or fuchsia or imperial pigeon blood red, the name Burmese brings passion and mystique. Today it is very difficult to get the fine quality Burmese Ruby and only people with significant resources are able to procure these rare beautiful gemstones.

Astrokapoor is pleased to present lots of Burma Rubies for its esteemed people:

– Natural, untreated and unheated Ruby.

– Also called as ratnaraj – The king of gemstones from the famous mines of Burma.

– Brilliant clarity.

– Mesmerizing color which is found in no other Rubies except Burmese Rubies.

– Symmetrical cut in the top cutting facilities in the world to maximize brilliance and for good interference of light.

– Free from inclusions to give best result of planet Sun.

– Pass the certified gemstone test.

It is advised that while picking the planetary gemstone to make sure that these gems are of the top quality, displaying enviable clarity and great luster. We supply best quality gemstone and there are no compromises made on the quality of the gemstone. Those stone which does not pass the test is discarded from our side because they may interfere with the gem therapy. We want that your gem therapy should be absolutely free with no flaws.

How to Wear Burmese Ruby

Before wearing Ruby gemstone try to get proper astrological consultation from experts because this is a precious gemstone. Position of Sun in your horoscope is detrimental to go for the precious Ruby gemstone. If you’re Leo ascendant then you can wear this gemstone because this is your ruling lord. Try to buy original and natural Burmese Ruby gemstone. Before buying, ask for a Certificate of authenticity form a reputed gem lab.

One can visit AstroKapoor’s office or buy online this certified precious gemstone.



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