Cancer personality traits

Cancer Personality Traits

Cancer Personality Traits

Cancer is a water sign which is symbolized the crab. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so the people born under this sign are changeable as the Moon waxes and wanes. They are very prone to mood swings. Cancer people are gentle and sober by the heart. They are very sensitive and caring. A cancer male and female will never run before a publicity and fame. They have a vivid and differentiated imagination that can drown anyone in their moods. Cancer people have sharp memories. Sometimes, they have a strong sense of insecurity that can bring depression and emotional disturbance in them.

Cancer Birthstone

The birthstone for Cancer is Pearl and Moonstone. Ruby can also be worn as it is the birthstone for the July. Pearl has a positive effect on the minds of the Cancer people. It also cures digestion problems and skin infections. Moonstone is similar to Pearl in many aspects. It gives the soothing effect on the person and cures hormonal problems. It also cures infertility and helps during childbirth.

Cancer Male Characteristics

• Cancer male speaks softly and slowly. They are also not a chatterbox.
• They have a very unstable mind due to mood swings.
• He is insecure when it comes to financial status. He likes saving more than the spending.
• Cancer male is always very conscious about his looks. He expects everything to be perfect and concrete.
• A Cancer man is very romantic and dedicated to single women only.
• They have different tactics to get what they want. Cancer people are very enthusiastic to get the things of their choice.
• Cancer man is very close to their mother. They love their mother and always obey her likes good son.

Cancer Female Characteristics
• Cancer female is very sensitive, emotional, kind and caring. She is shy and dislikes criticism.
• Cancer women extremely loyal and has a rich sense of humor. She can make an ideal companion.
• Cancer female is very possessive about the things which she poses in her life.
• Cancer women are attractive and expressive. They look for the same in her partner.
• Cancer women liked to be hugged and need tender care from her loved ones.
• They love to live in fantasies and dream of lavishing and life of fantasies.
• A family is the first preference for the Cancerian female.
• She is very caring and quite careful about her expenditure. She never spends money on wasteful things.

Cancer Strengths and Weakness
• Cancer people are attractive and very loyal by nature.
• They are highly considerate and imaginative.
• They are loving and caring and cannot see the pain of the others.
• They are always ready to help people and have a cautious approach in life.
• They are very friendly once they come to know a person.
• Cancer people are highly emotional and sometimes moody.
• It is difficult to adjust with them smoothly due to their mood swings.
• Cancer people are poor at decision making.
• They get confused easily and are always in a conflicting situation.
• Cancer people can be short tempered.
• They approach life in a negative way.



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