Chhath Puja

Chath Puja 2018

Chhath puja is also called by many other names

This Pooja is also called by the names of l Chhat, Chhati, Chhat Parv, Data Chhat, Surya Sasthi and Dala Puja. This puja is dedicated to Sun God and his consort Chathi Maiya (usha, the Vedic Goddess). This festival shows a respect to thank Sun God for sustaining life on earth.

Chhath puja 2018 dates

Chhath puja is observed for four days. This year, Chhath puja will start on Sunday, 11th November 2018 and conclude on Wednesday, 14 November 2018.

Why perform Chhath puja 2018

Two legends are associated with Chath Pooja. It is believed that Draupati, the wife of Pandavas was devoted to Lord Surya and worshipped him on Chatha. She gained lot of power due to this. Karn, the friend of Duryodhana also worshipped Sun God and performed all rituals on this festival.

Chhath 2018 puja vidhi

Chhath puja is done for four days. Let us get to know the procedure to perform Chhath puja

First day Chhath Puja 2018: Nahai Khai (Sunday, 11th November 2018)

The first day Chhath puja is on Chatuuthi tithi. The puja on this day is called as Nahai Khai meaning bath and eat. The devotee takes holy bathe and then prays to Lord Surya to remove any sins. Holy water is collected and brought home.

Second Day Chhath Puja 2018 – Kharna (Monday, 12th November 2018)

This is known as Kharna. On this day, devotees observe fasts for about 12 hours and this is a strict fast. The fast is concluded in the evening after puja to Sun God and then distributing Prasad to everyone.

Third Day Chhath Puja 2018 – Sandhya Argha (Tuesday, 13th November 2018)

This is called as Sandhya Argh, this is the third day of Chath Puja. On this day various foods are prepared and offered to Sun God in the evening.

Fourth Day Chhath Puja 2018 – Suryodaya Argha (Wednesday, 14th November 2018)

This is known as Suryodaya Argh and is the last day of Chath Puja. On this day Sun is worshipped during the dawn (morning). Devotees worship Sun God near the bank of river in the early morning to await sunrise and offer water to the rising Sun.

Breaking the fast of Chhath Puja 2018

This is a rigorous fast. The Chath Puja is broken on fourth day after worshipping the morning Sun. To conclude fast, devotees take ginger with sugar.

Chhath 2018 puja benefits

  • Enhancement of Prosperity and wealth.
  • Those who have some eye problems are relieved by doing this Puja.
  • The devotees are blessed with everlasting happiness and long life.

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