Choice Of Right Gemstones And Their Use

Choice of Right Gemstones and Their Use

Choice of Right Gems and Restrictions in Their Use
Planetary gems only increases the benefic vibrations of related planets. They do not destroy their evil effects. It is known that if a particular planet is malefic for a native, and if he wears relevant stone, it increase the malefic tendency of such planet. Planets can be described as malefic and benefic by their position in the individual horoscope.
Another important advice about gems therapy can be deduced that if native is wearing the gemstone along with the mutually inimical planets then it can harm the person largely. As for example – Wearing Blue Sapphire with Red Coral (Moonga ) is a very adverse for a person. Similarly, the combi9nation of Red Coral with Emerald at the same is also adverse. People should also wear Diamond along with Blue Sapphire, yellow Pukhraaj, pearl and red coral can be worn together. But wearing Gomedh and Red Coral can again give adverse effect. Cat’s eye can be worn if Ketu is favorable and strongly placed in a native’s chart but Blue Sapphire along with Cat’s eye is capable of giving the adverse effect.

Another view is that if wife is wearing Pukhraaj, husband shouldn’t wear Diamond at the same time as it may cause tensions between the tow and the vice versa. Similarly, Taurus ascendant should avoid Red Corel, red color and Gomedh, if the placement of Rahu is in the malefic house. Pisces ascendant should avoid wearing Blue sapphire and Emerald. Virgo ascendant should avoid wearing Ruby. Libra ascendant can wear Blue Sapphire, but after proper consultation. Cancer ascendant should avoid wearing Hessonite and Pearl.

Similarly if Sun is posited in a favorable position, ‘ Ruby’ will be very effective. Supposed Sun is lord of Lagna or that of 9th or 10th houses and has become weak due to its association with Saturn or aspected by Saturn, Ruby will increase the benefic effects of Sun and bring help to make it more effective. If Moon is lord of lagna 9th or 5th or 10th house or 11th house and is placed in malefic position or is associated with any malefic planet like Saturn or Rahu, it is advisable to wear ‘ Pearl’.

The choice of the gemstone depends on the position of benefic and malefic planets in a horoscope. It also depends on various permutations and combinations in a horoscope. So before wearing any precious gemstone it is advisable to consult an expert astrologer Mr Prashant Kapoor.



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