Chromotherapy and Colors

Chromotherapy and Colors

Color therapy carries a very important place in the cosmic world. Colors can rejuvenate the person body chakra. It has remarkable capacity to heal the negative energy of the body.
We know that Sun is the source of light and heat. It is very important to maintain life on our planet earth. In the Hindu scriptures, Sun is called as ‘God’. Sunlight is golden in color, but it consists of 7 different colors which are visible to us by our naked eyes. These colors are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Red. Colors definitely influence our mind and the body.
We receive light during the day time through Sun and the light emanated by the Sun is reflected by the Moon during the night time. This is the reason; Astrology relates, the Sun and the Moon an essential planet for eye and the eyesight.

Impact of Color on Human Body
A nerve connects the eye from the hypothalamus gland located in the brain; when light is received by the brain, then the hypothalamus secrete the hormone called as serotonin. During day hours, serotonin production is more than the night.
Above the Hypothalamus is located the Pineal Gland. Pineal gland is in the form of small peanut. Serotonin after the production gets into the hypothalamus. In the Pineal Gland, serotonin in the presence of HMOT (Hydroxy-indole-O-Methyl Transferase produces an enzyme called as Melatonin.

Serotonin and Melatonin controls the various functions of the body. If more serotonin is produced in our body, it can lead to migraine, insomnia, hypertension, and anxiety. These problems can be decreasing the production of serotonin hormone. Melatonin, if produced in large amount then depression, and seasonal effective disorders can grip a person.

The principle of color healing is a very old concept used buy ancient Egyptians, Indians and Chinese. This is the root principle of “Chromotherapy”, which is the healing of the disease by the use of colors.
Gemstones are also of various colors. Colours of the gemstones are basically the cosmic color. This cosmic color is related to specified planets and also called as planetary colors. If you use gemstones, then it can heal physical problems of the body and also the mental depression and other psychological problems.

Gemstones can also enhance your beauty, as it can increase the positive and spiritual power of the gemstones
So, you can change your life by using gemstones, but after consultation with a professional astrologer. You can use any of the semiprecious gemstone, even if you are not having the proper birth chart, as semiprecious gemstones are harmless, and they carry the same healing effect as precious gemstones.



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