Conversation between Mars and Saturn

Conversation between Mars and Saturn

I am presenting an imaginary story between Mars and Saturn that will help you to understand their energies and how they work. We know that now Mars and Saturn are in Sagittarius, so it is important to understand their energies so that we could manage them better. Mars is currently in Mula Nakshatra, Saturn in Purva Ashadha both in the sign of Sagittarius.

Mars will move closer to Saturn on April 3rd and we fill intensified due to their conjunction. They will be conjoined in the Purva Ashadha Nakshatra.

Conversation 1

Mars and Saturn are brother and sister.

Mars (the brother) – Hello bro! Let’s go for a long drive today.

Saturn (sister) – Sure, will do. I will drive today. Will take full responsibility for driving.

Mars (the brother) – Ok

Saturn was driving slowly with real slow pace, following every single rule and keeping up with each rule and regulation on road. Mars lost temper.

Mars – What are you doing? Are you driving or crawling? I said we will go for a long drive and I mean long distance and not time.

Saturn – Yes, I know, we are going for long drive.

Mars – But how? We have just covered 2 miles from home. Please drive back, I am not willing to go.

Saturn – Dear brother, we have to follow the rules. I can’t break the law.

Conversation 2

Mars and Saturn are colleague and working in a project.

Boss (Sun) – I am really sorry, but this project is important for us, so we have to come up with extra energy and tine for finishing the same. I know it is impossible, but we have to do it.

Mars – Oh yes, we will. I am ready for the challenge.

Saturn – It is not possible as it is unrealistic and is not fair. We can’t finish something in 2 week that belongs to 2 month project.

Point number 1 – why was this not informed before?

Point number 2 – How can we finish a project on time? How can you treat us like this.

Point number 3 – Proper planning is also missing.

Mars was angry, while Saturn was talking.

Mars – Oh, please stop. I can’t handle this negativity.

Saturn – Well, you start; let’s see how you can code something. You have not tested your code and jumping to the next.

Mars – Oh, I am not a tortoise-like you. I am very fast and energetic.

Saturn – You are known for code and rules that were working before.

Mars – We are incompatible.

Saturn – I have no comment. Let leave everything to Karma.

Boss (Sun) – Look, guys, I am in need of both of you. Saturn does not like me because I have authority, but I need you and want to appreciate you. We love your discipline and structure and along with this, we need the energy of Mars with passion and hope. I hope both of you would happily work on this project.



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