Dhanteras 23 October 2022

Dhanteras on 23 October 2022

Dhanteras is one of the main festivals in many parts of India.  The suffix ‘Teras’ in Hindi is identical with the word Trayodashi in Sanskrit language which explains the thirteenth day of the fading stage of the moon. Dhanteras day is celebrated to increase wealth, prosperity.

We all know about the story of “Samudra Manthana”, but what we may not know, in this Samudra Manthana Goddess Lakshmi and Dhanvantari ji had also originated. Lakshmi ji symbolizes wealth, prosperity and Dhanvantari ji is the God of Ayurveda. Therefore, on the day of Dhanteras we should not only worship Goddess Lakshmi but also Dhanvantari ji as by worshipping them together we can ensure our prosperity along with a good health. We also worship God  Kuber, Yama to prevent untimely death and Lord Ganesha. According to our culture, without worshipping Lord Ganesha, no Puja is successful.

In the year 2022, Dhanteras will be celebrated on 24 October Sunday. As per the ritual, we can buy silver, gold, electronic gadgets etc. according to  our wish. The correct timing for shopping is Sunday 6.04 p.m according to Delhi times. In other parts of the country, timing for shopping starts from 5.45 p.m. We can enjoy the festival by shopping at the right time and following other rituals.

Those people who do not have inclination towards rituals or face problem while sitting for long and doing Puja, they can satisfy Dhanvantari ji by helping sick people with medicine, they themselves can start the course of some new medicine. The positive effect of medicine starting from the day of Dhanteras will be high.

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Therefore, on Dhanteras day it is necessary not only to do the Puja of Goddess Lakshmi along with other deities, but also worship Dhanvantari ji to ensure good health. A well known proverb says “Health is Wealth”, if we have good health we can live a prosperous and fulfilling life.

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