Effect of Planetray Aspect

Effect of Planetary Aspect


Conj., Parallel, Benefic – The native acquires competence in music, art or poetry, popularity and social success. He will realize his ambitions and profits through the other sex. Marriage and progeny will give him continuous happiness. There would be much increase in finance, high position and good luck is certain. The native owns costly ornaments, vehicles and beautiful houses and rich gardens.

Adverse – There will be many disappointments in the domestic circle and loss of favor and money usually through too much dissipation. One can never escape scandals, or ill-repute, or control expenditure. If the affliction occurs from common signs, double marriage is indicated. The native is often benefit of all comforts, happiness and finds difficult to amass wealth. Sorrows through the opposite sex are likely to affect his career.

If good by direction – There is success in every scheme with fresh opportunities for the promotion of rank, and increase in income; he will be having jolly good time; there will be birth of children, and marriages or other pleasurable functions in which the native takes part.

If bad by Progression – Expenditure runs high, and there may be sorrow resulting from sickness of generally wife or mother, the square being more evil than the semi square. Remember that in day genitures, Venus represents the mother.

Sun is ruled by the lord Sun, the planet of glory and Venus, the planet of love and affection. People who have well placed Sun and Venus in the horoscope will have good and charming disposition. The person will rise above the rank and will get leadership qualities in the life. Venus, the planet of love and affection will bring love and romance in the life. The person will be highly romantic and will carry charming character and aroma in the life.



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