Effects of red coral gemstone

Effects of Red Coral Gemstone

Red Coral gemstone is also called as ‘Lal moonga’ in Hindi. According to Vedic Astrology, Red Coral gemstone has numerous benefits and is associated with planet Mars. Red Coral has miraculous effect of healing and heals the pimples, skin diseases and blood related disorders. Red Coral may also not be named as gemstone because it is extracted from coral reef under the ocean. Red Coral is a common name given to the marine polyp inside the ocean. It is also called as tiny invertebrate animals inside the ocean.

Sometimes people do not want to wear natural gemstone and they prefer substitute gem in place. As such for Red Coral, there is no substitute gemstone.

Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

There are numerous benefits of red coral gemstone but here we will talk about the best benefits that coral gives to the wearer.

  • The person who wears red coral gets victory over the enemy. He gains the lost consciousness and strength to combat over the enemies.
  • Red Coral has a deep impact on mental health. It helps to overcome the problems associated with fear and mental depression.
  • Red Coral helps in healing skin diseases and other skin problems.
  • It is the gemstone for Mars ( Mangal ), so it is very good for girls or boys suffering from Manglik dosha. Red Coral can be worn after proper analysis of birth chart.
  • Those who are facing financial difficulties can wear red coral gemstone.
  • Red Coral represents long life of marriage so it is beneficial for the spouse and partner.
  • Red Coral benefits are in ample amount and not possible to measure in number.

When should you wear Red Moonga (Red Coral) stone?

Red Moonga is associated with planet Mars, the leader and the visionary. It is beneficial to war red coral if one is passing through the major and the minor period of Mars. Red coral gemstone is associated with Scorpio and Aries ascendant. It gives immense benefit to these two ascendants if they wear red coral stone.

Depicted below is a natural Italian red coral stone

Price of Red Coral Gemstone

The price of the gem depends on the quality of the stone. There are many fake gems sellers selling fake red coral in the name of original stone. The best quality red coral stone may fetch price between INR 2000 to INR 7000 per carat. The best red coral benefits are numerous.

How to wear Moonga Stone?

The red coral or lal moonga should be worn on Tuesday in ring finger after proper energizing of mantra associated with red coral stone. Morning is the ideal time to wear red coral. The gem can be made in finger as finger ring or if you’re the admirer of beauty, you can wear red coral gemstone in a necklace.

How to identify real red coral?

The natural and real red coral has soft and slippery body over the surface and under the bottom it is rough. This is the actual identification of natural red coral stone. But now people are suing camel bone to make artificial red coral so before buying red coral ask for the certificate of authentication from a reputed gem lab. But the jewelry made of red coral should properly care. Soft clothes and soap should be used for cleaning the jewelry made of red coral. Gently wipe the surface of the coral jewelry with cloth and avoid touching the coral with any cleaner. Use soft brush for removing the dust particles.

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