Emerald Gemstone Information

Emerald Gemstone Information


Emerald gemstone is one of the most valuable gemstones. It is found in beautiful greenish hue colour. Emeralds are known for their numerous benefits. It is found in Brazil, Zambia, Russia, India and Pakistan. Astrologically this gemstone is associated with planet Mercury. If a person is having weak and malefic Mercury, then this gemstone helps to make it beneficial. It is counted to the Big Three Gemstones in the world rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Vedic astrology strongly recommends Emerald ring or pendant to remove the ill effect of Mercury in the horoscope.

Effect of Emerald

The Emerald Gemstones is related to the heart chakra. It is strongly related to the feeling of emotion, compassion, love and well being. This stone helps the people in the profession of teaching, writing, intellectuals, and artists. It helps to calm down the mind and removes depression. In medical property, this stone heals the digestive and nervous system.


Indian name – Panna.

Astrological Planet – Mercury.

Color- Green

Chakra- Related to Heart chakra.

Healing – Digestive and Nervous system.

Benefits of Emerald Stone

It helps to increase the financial status of a person.

This gemstone increases the power of concentration, reasoning and ability.

Evil spirits are removed by this stone.

It increases peace of mind and helps to lead a harmonious and prosperous life.

It helps the children who are preparing for competitive examinations.

This stone cures snake bite.

It helps to concentrate on work and studies.

Pregnant women can get relief from labour pain by wearing this gemstone.

This stone treats insomnia, ulcers and epileptic fits.

Profession of science, astrology, writing, real estate, publishing and scholars perform well in their respective fields.

This gemstone is an excellent gemstone to increase wisdom and memory power.



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