Emerald Gemstone

Emerald Gemstone

Emerald Gemstone Astrology Benefits
Emerald gemstone with a green fresh lively color is one of the most attractive gemstones of all. Not because of color but it is one of the highly prized and precious gemstones of all with – rubies, sapphires and emeralds. If one goes for measuring the parameter for valuing the gemstone, there is another important feature, it is the gemstone for the planet Mercury and extensively used in the planetary gem therapy for harnessing the energies of Mercury that resides in emerald. It is a mixture of beryl and metal chromium, which gives it a typical-bluish colour to the gemstone. In Vedic astrology, it is highly recommended using a Mercury talisman – natural emerald gemstone ring or an emerald pendant to instill the bets from favorably placed Mercury in the horoscope. Emerald – Panna is the birthstone for May.
Emerald Gemstone from Colombia is one of highly prized gemstone till now. It is very rarely found and precaution should be taken before buying it, as due to scarcity, there are fake emeralds sold in the name of emerald.

These are the top benefits of wearing an emerald-panna gemstone:
1) Wearing emerald – panna- zammurud imparts intellectual progress to the person. Natural intelligence and wisdom is increased ad Mercury is the planet of intelligence and brings better understanding in life, a balanced state of mind and better adaptability to grasp deeper subject.
2) The person who is wearing emerald becomes creative and imbibes artistic talents very soon.
3) It is also used in the medical astrology, there are several successful cases of medical conditions that have been treated by the use of Panna gemstone such as respiratory troubles, allergies, speech difficulties and nervous system.
4) If an individual has a well placed Mercury in the birth chart, then it helps to conquer name, fame success and there can be a mercurial rise in the life.
5) Wearing emerald-panna gives huge skills in the communication. Emerald develops a clearer, lucid and remarkable style of communication and the individual expresses himself better and with confidence.
6) It is good to wear a natural and treatment free emerald as it is a great therapeutic gemstone for the individuals who have a concentration problems. It increases the focus of the communication. Restless people are able to bring in a relatively large amount of confidence, stability and focus by wearing an emerald. Emerald is a stone that removes the emotional toxicity from the life. Individuals who are sensitive and are cheated or defraud should try working for the emerald gemstone to heal the scars.
7) Emerald acts as antidote to bring power against poison and removes the negative effects of the spirit.
8) Individuals like astrologers or practitioners of any divine science, psychics, and healers gets tremendous progress after wearing emerald – panna gemstone.
9) In Hindu mythology, the healing properties of emerald are associated with the planet Mercury and the zodiac sign, Virgo and Gemini. People belonging to these are most benefitted from this unique green gemstone.
10) Kids who can’t focus on the studies and examination completely can get benefit by wearing this gemstone, thereby increasing the concentration and thus removing the laziness.

How to care for your Emerald Stone?
Emeralds –Panna are soft stones. Extreme harsh conditions should be avoided while handling this green stone. The stone should be always avoided from steam and heat. Soft cloth should be used while cleaning it and brushed with wet and soft brush of emerald gemstone is recommended.



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