Emerald - Panna Gemstone

Emerald – Panna Gemstone

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Emerald “Panna” represents planet Budh /Mercury. Emerald/Panna bestows an individual with an enormous intelligence.Emerald gemstone is considered precious of all gemstones. According to Indian astrology, Budh is the son of Chandra i.e. moon. It is the smallest planet of the solar system and near to more to the sun. In Indian mythology, the name emerald was translated from Sanskrit as” maakata” that depicts green of growing things. Emerald/ Panna has been considered as prince in Navagraha portfolio and believed a symbol of strength and hope. It is generally a derivative of mineral beryl and metal chromium. Metal chromium gives it a greenish shade. The emerald of Beryl has atypical and marvellous greenish in appearance and is considered one of the most precious gemstone.I t’s colour should be typical hue or dark green with yellow and blue as secondary colors. It should be pleasant to touch and not warm in appearance.E merald gemstone also has a presence of one to two precent of water. It’s very common that it consists of cracks so a good observation is essential.Emerald of Colombia (U.S.A) and Zambia is considered excellent to be worn The Mughal empire was very fond of them, “The bowl used by Humayun made by Emerald was one of the best variety of Emerald”.


Emerald is a stone of inspiration and infinite patience. It is a life-affirming stone with great integrity. It is also called a “stone of successful love”. It represents planet Mercury/Budh. It is most beneficial for a person who has Virgo and Gemini as their ascendant but most suitable for Virgo as mercury is being in exaltation in Virgo. Emerald enhances unity, unconditional love and partnerships and promotes friendship. It keeps a partnership in balance. Emerald opens the heart chakra* and has a calming effect on the emotions. Emerald ensures mental equilibrium in a person along with physical and emotional balance. Psychologically, Emerald gives the strength of character to overcome the misfortunes of life. It is a stone of regeneration and recovery.I t helps to heal negative emotions. Traditionally, emerald was said to protect from enchantment and the plays of magicians. It is a wisdom stone.


Management |Astrology |Economist/Insurance |Writing/Publication |Mathematician |Business/ politics | Detective/Observer |Art and culture.


Traditionally emerald imparts remarkable mental clarity, strengthens memory, inspires a deep inner knowing and broadens vision. It reduces mental stress and keeps blood circulation in normal. It prevents a person from the snake bite. It treats sinuses, lungs, heart, spine and muscles. It improves vision and has a detoxifying effect on the liver. Emerald alleviates rheumatism and also diabetes. It is a very powerful antidote for poison. It cures epilepsy if worn around the neck. Malignant conditions are also treated by its green magnificent color. Impotency, migraine, nervous breakdown, constipation and pancreatic ill conditions are also cured by this unique gemstone. Pregnant women are relaxed from laborious pain by the use of Emerald.

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We at Astrokapoor offer natural and certified gemstones of excellent quality. Each gemstone is passed from various tests by the team of our own gemologist and finally certified by government approved laboratories and best quality is picked for our clients. You can directly buy natural Emerald/Panna gemstones from our online store by sending us your details and requirements. We offer the best competitive rates to our clients. Kindly provide your requirement for filling up the given form.



Buy “Columbain and Zambian “Emerald-Panna” Gemstone from AstroKapoor.Com
Please note that all Gems are already energized (Pran Pratishtha) before sending to our clients by special pundits and purohits having in-depth knowledge.

Procedure performed by our Purohits for Energizing (Pran Pratishtha) of Gems before sending to our clients.

*An auspicious day and Nakshatra is chosen by client Name, Date of birth and Place by our Purohit.
*A Matt is placed with its face towards East, North or Northeast while performing Pooja.
*A plate, Kalash made of steel or silver is used for performing pooja.
*Rice, sandal, Kumkum Betel leaves, Coconut, Green cloth, Garland, Milk, Saffron, Camphor and Mishri is used as Prasad.
*In a plate rice is put and then kalash is placed on plate with rice.Milk is poured into kalash with saffron, mishri, camphor and rose water
*The gemstone is washed with holy Gangajal and Milk. Beetel leaves are put on kalash with coconut and sandal and kumkum is also applied to the coconut.
*Sandal wood and kum kum paste is applied on Emerald Gemstone and then Green Cloth and garland is kept over it.
*An incense stick is lighted in front of the gemstone and mantra is enchanted in according to the concerned gemstone.
*The eyes are closed and the mantra is enchanted as per the Gemstones. In Emerald, it’s enchanted 17,000 times.
*This completes the procedure known as “Pran Pratishtha” of Gemstone. This procedure creates a live energy within the Gemstone.
*After the above procedure is completed the Gemstone is ready to be dispatched to you and since it has been energized you can directly wear it.

We provide certified Emerald Gemstone.



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