Facts about Astrology

Facts About Astrology

Is Astrology a Science?

Facts about astrology are unique. Astrology is categorized as a metaphysical discipline and it also uses the combination of scientific knowledge and also the cosmos and the scientific tools. It focuses on energy patterns and with a basis in the elements.

How Does Astrology Determine my Horoscope?

A birth chart or the natal chart in a horoscope shows the relative position of planets, angles and other heavenly bodies and the zodiac signs too. The birth chart is calculated using the date, exact time and also the place of birth.

How Does Astrology Influence My Personality?

Astrology surely reflects your personality and your birth chart is like a map of your soul. It illuminates many things and most important part of your chart. It helps you to attain the level of your consciousness, how you are working with your energy and how you choose to experience your circumstances. The zodiac sign and the sun were in the moment you were born and it also reflects your sense and how you meant to shine in the world. Your moon sign reflects your emotional side of your nature, your instinctual nature and your mystery. Your rising sign reflects how you spontaneously move in your life.

Learn More about Astrology

The twelve signs of the zodiac forms wheel-like appearance and also denote the continuous cycle of life from birth to death, and the birth again. The wheel begins with Aries and ends with Pisces. The Aries is ruled by the Mars, the Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Cancer is ruled by Moon, the Leo is ruled by Sun, the Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the Libra is ruled by Venus, the Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and the Aquarius is ruled by Saturn.

The Moon and the Sun are two of the major planets that shapes the personality of the individual and also helps one to attain a position in life.



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