Astrology Yogas and Their Result

Astrology Yogas and Their Result

 Astrology Yoga is formed by different combinations in a chart.  Astrology  is a science which helps to know the behavior of a person and is determined by the position of the planets and it matters mostly due to the time of birth, place of birth and the year of birth. In this article, we are going to discuss the influence of Yogas on human behavior.

There are various, Astrology Yogas in which few important are introduced.

Types of Astrology Yogas

Vishkumbh yoga
This is an inauspicious yoga but natives under the influence this yoga may possess best qualities and good fortune. They are generally beautiful and intelligent. This yoga has good effect and leads a happy family life and they can easily influence people.

Preeti Yoga
This name itself describes that native will be full of life and inquisitive and will work in a sporty spirit. They are religious and worshipper of Lord Shiva. They have also an attraction towards the opposite sex.

Ayushman Yoga
This Yoga belongs to native who lives long life. These people certainly taste the happiness of life for a long period. They are artistic and fond of poetry and music. They are wealthy and do not face any financial problem.

Saubhagya Yoga
Native-born under this sign carries the meaning of this yoga. Means they get an amazing fortune and people praises their quality too. They have inborn talent in them.The tendency created by this yoga is to get attracted towards opposite sex.

Shobhan Yoga
Native of this yoga is beautiful. They are very prudent in doing tasks and complete them as a perfectionist. They have good qualities that make them popular among the folks.

Atigand Yoga
This yoga is considered one of the inauspicious yoga and it causes difficulties in the life of the native. The person possesses temperament which is not good for the family. Family of the native may suffer a lot.

When these Yogas are Effective

Astrology Yogas are more effective during the periods and subperiods of stars.

Sukarma yoga
Native-born under this yoga are excellent workers and have decent and simple nature. This yoga makes one compassionate and caring towards people.

Dhriti Yoga
This yoga is an auspicious yoga and people included by this yoga are very patient. They don’t get excited quickly. Dhriti yoga blesses a person with good health. People of this yoga are talented and they usually live a peaceful life.

Shool yoga
The person belongs to this yoga has a religious nature and interested in religious texts. The person may acquire great knowledge about religious things but has the material desire too. Even this yoga gives good qualities of the person; a person may get unhappy moments too in life.

Gand Yoga
Gand Yoga people may face many problems in their lives. They might worry too much and their health may face too many problems.  Native born under this yoga have short stature with big head.

Vridhhi yoga
Natives of this yoga have the attractive physique because they posses an inborn capacity to lead.  They get prosperity in life due to some fine traits. The influence of this yoga is not influenced by the person but it also influences the character of wife. This yoga also impacts the events of life of his partner.



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