February Crystals for All Sun Signs

February Crystals For All Sun Signs

ARIES – Watermelon Tourmaline

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It is made by the fiery planet Mars. Make the most of your ruling planet Mars’s last two weeks in your sign while allowing its transition. The energy of gorgeous Watermelon Tourmaline may help you to get desired energy in February 2019.

TAURUS – Carnelian

With the movement of Mars in Taurus this month, the energy around Taurus will be definitely high. Mars is the ruler of ambition. Carnelian, the ancient stone could add force in your life. This may be exciting sometimes.

GEMINI – Lepidolite

This stone will help you to manage stress. Calm yourself by holding a piece of lepidolite between your palms. This is an excellent time for Gemini to cultivate personal care related to the matter of meditation.

CANCER – Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a beautiful coloured stone. The nodes of the stars have shifted to the Cancer-Capricorn energy and is preparing for the spotlight. This illustrates a connection between the heart, the root, and the throat chakras.

LEO – Chiastolite

Leo is occupied with hard work over the past year and a half is preparing to reap benefits of a good deal of uncomfortable soul-searching. Thing s can still be little blurry and it may be difficult to see the road ahead. Chaistolite is an ancient stone and would assist Leo to remain centered and focused.

VIRGO – Pink Kunzite

The combination of Venus and Mars is harmonious for this earthy sign. There is a possibility to open to a love and romance. Pink kunzite may help to achieve passion, intrigue and delight on the table.

LIBRA – Gold

Mars will oppose your sign during the first half of February. The cosmic forecast suggests a need to keep your ego in balance, and a simple gold is an alchemist’s secret weapon.

SCORPIO – Turquoise

There can be some frustrations up for Scorpio this month. Temper may shoot up for Scorpio. Turquoise could help you to take deep breaths and calm down

SAGITTARIUS – Ocean Jasper

This is a turbulent month, and bit tense for Sagittarius. There is a lot going on under the surface. The mystery of some unresolved issues can make you tense and panic. Try to grab a piece of ocean jasper for maintaining calm and soothing atmosphere.


The nodes have shifted for activating Capricorn-Cancer axis. This month is important to prove one’s character and exhibiting patience. Things may feel that they are growing too slowly but trust the pace and use the delays to get things done at right time.

AQUARIUS – Rose quartz

Happy Birthday’s to Aquarius. Rose quartz is an excellent stone for cultivating peace and love in your life. Wearing a piece for prolonged period, or meditating with one over several weeks, could help to produce shifts in how we relate and understand our body.
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PISCES – Garnet

Sun eclipse into deep Piscean water, sinking down into 12th house. This time may bring liberating feelings in your life. Garnet can profoundly help to conserve Pisces energy when you feel uprooted or fuzzy.

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