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Feng Shui Tips For Academic Achievement

Feng Shui Tips For Academic Achievement

Can Feng Shui Help in Academic Achievement?
Student works hard to get best result in their academic. But sometimes inspite of the hard work, they fail to get the results as per their wish. In Feng Shui it is possible to get the desire result by harmonizing and balancing the surrounding once life and has power to bring an optimal fortune and success for students.

What Feng Shui can do?
Feng Shui can enhance study environment and thus transforms an average but hardworking student to achieve high success and bring the genius to the fore, allowing them to shine in their life.

Favourable direction for Education
Feng Shui has described the favorable direction as North East for the study.

Attaining Retentiveness
Place an Amethyst tree in north east sector of study table to increase retentiveness while studying.

Attaining concentration
For improving concentration Jade pagoda with 7 or 9 is an excellent amulet for students because it increases the determination between the students. It can also be worn as a pendant.

Attaining good fortune
The set of chess set book signifies strategy. This book represents learning, painting and also signifies creativity and lute that is associated with Music.

Ultimate Enhancer
The Dragon gate signifies the symbol of perseverance and scholastic success. It can be kept on the study table.

Enhancing Yang Energy
The room should be free from clutter and any waste material and should be organized to get the optimum and proper flow of energy.

Avoid poison arrows
It should be noted that sharp edges of cupboards, pillars, books and book shelves must not point the study place as it creates poison arrows.

Avoid Beam
There should be no beam above the study area as it is oppressive and stiffs to the thought process. If unavoidable, hang a bamboo wind chime from the beam to eliminate the negative effect.

Avoid mirrors
Try to keep the child room free from mirror as it interferes with the child while studying.

Placement of Study Table
Study table should be placed in an open space. It should not be placed with a window or a door behind the chair. In case it is not possible to do away with window cover it up with heavy curtains.

The study Table
The study table should be clean and not piled up with the books. While studying, the books on the lest should be more on left than on right.

Favourable direction while studying
North east or east direction is the favorable direction. Child should face on this direction only.

Try to avoid spots light in study room as energy emitted by them may cause mental strain and exhaustion.

Overseas Studies
Those students who aspire to go abroad can hang maps in north-west sector or the study room. They can also place a crystal globe in north-west sector and pin it thrice daily to gain auspicious effects.



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