Gems Suggestion

Gems Suggestion

In the astrology, Gem is considered a big remedial tool, to enhance the power of planets. So all the Astrology system i.e., Indian, Vedic, Chinese, Western or any other Astrology system recommend GEM to enhance the power of planets. They are the big gift to us by Mother Earth and considered since thousand years.  They also play a big role in medical science, in Ayurveda or Unani. Gems are prescribed according to planets in any one’s horoscope.

Indian astrology considers Lagna (Ascendant), 5th and 9th house as most auspicious or benefic houses. Lord of these houses are the most benefic planets. Indian astrology suggests wearing a Gems, according to planets, who are lords of these houses. Ascendant (Lagna) Lord planet’s Gem consider as LIFE STONE or Gem because this house is the significator of our body, health, age, name, fame, status etc. Gem of 9th house lord planet considers as LUCKY GEM because 9th house is for Luck, fate. Gem of 5th house is also for Luck, as this house called ‘Mini Luck house’.

5th house is also signified speculation, art, talent and Health recovery. If we see in degrees, 1st (Ascendant), 5th and 9th house make a triangle in Zodiac, They divide Zodiac in 3 parts, 120 degrees each. A triangle has a very important role in all ancient science, Yantra and Pyramid science based on a triangle.
The reference of gems and their power in early astrology research in Sanskrit is right from the time of Varaha Mihira (circa 400 AD) . the oldest Purana namely the Vishnu Purana ( 2nd century BC) makes an elaborate observation on the origin and power of gems.

In our Horoscope Reading, people are advised to wear different kinds of gemstone in order to counteract the effect of malefic planets and enhance benefic planet’s energy. With all these references I made an elaborate study on the use of gems in diseases as well as goodness of mankind in our astrology consultation and now I prescribe the various types of gems to our clients , it is a matter of great satisfaction that by these remedial gems a great volume of cosmic power could be bought into harness of human suffering whether they are physical mental or financial.

It’s been proven that the gemstones vibrations affect your aura, helping your body to achieve not only balance and awareness but also improve your emotional, spiritual and physical levels. Strung on silk, and having rounded edges, the gemstones function at their optimum. Care must be taken to see that no metal is surrounding your gemstone as it can reduce the effect of the stone, even eliminating its beneficial effect. “Synthetic gems” (man-made under laboratory- controlled conditions) are useless for gem therapy, so it’s very important that the individual looking for a “healing gemstone” either be an expert gemologist, or know the person that you are buying from, including their qualifications to examine gems for treatment to ensure that you receive a natural ‘gem’. Some stones may help alleviate a physical ailment, but more commonly, stones are helpful in dealing with emotional issues.



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