Gemstones And Planetary Effects

Gemstones and Planetary Effects

Gemstones can strengthen the weaknesses caused by the effects of the specific and malefic planets. The various stones assigned to the planets also tend to strengthen the already well-positioned planets.

If the planetary effect is strengthened too much, it may also cause other problems. So, proper consultation is highly recommended before going for any gemstones. Too much greed to strengthen natal horoscope can bring bad effects.
Sun – Fame, fortune, independence, speech, shrewdness and poor result include jealousy.
Moon – Good result include happier domestic relations, you become more considerate and bad result include you may become more of a dreamer than a worker.
Mercury – good result includes the ability to develop to cope with circumstances. The bad result shows that it may make you too concerned with today’s happenings and no plan for tomorrow.
Venus – Good result includes the ability to acquire riches and appreciation of beauty and arts. The poor result is the decrease of your willpower to resist temptation. It will bring vain and pressure loving.
Mars – Good result includes bravery and increased self-confidence. The poor result is that it will make you always striving for something better.
Saturn – the Good result will make you more conservative and serves as a stabilizer. The poor result will slow you down in making rapid progress.
Uranus – the Good result will make you highly creative., the Poor result will make you rebellious at all established ideas.
Neptune – the Good result will help you to guard against deception from others. A poor result will make you lose your alertness band end up outsmarting yourself.
Pluto – the Good result will bring changes and transformation. A poor result will bring too many beginnings and endings.



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