Healing By Kunzite Gemstone

Healing By Kunzite Gemstone

Kunzite gemstone is an extremely spiritual stone with a high vibration. It awakens the heart and brings loving thoughts and emotions. Kunzite gemstone radiates peace and connects one to the universal love and induces a deep and centered meditative state. It is beneficial for those who find it hard to enter into meditation. Kunzite is an excellent healer. It has the power to heal and dispel negativity. This stone shields the aura from unwanted energies and provides the protective sheath around. It encourages self-expression and allows free expressions of feeling. It is highly useful for the removal of obstacles from your path and allows free expressions of feelings. Kunzite gemstone aids in recovering memories that have been blocked. This is a useful healer for the people who has to grow up too fast and brings back lost trust and innocence. It is good for the promotion of the quality tolerance for the self and others. Kunzite is helpful in reducing stress-related anxiety.

Kunzite gemstone instantly aligns the chakra and the subtle bodies. It restores the Qi to the physical body and its organs. In healing, it stabilizes the biomagentic filed after clearing and transformation. Kunzite encourages speaking one’s truth and cuts through fears and blockages. It increases the capacity for logical and linear thought and stimulates the higher mind, and links into the casual level. It also assists in detaching from the idea of blind fate and shows the part played by the self in creating causes and the measures required to balance the past. Kunzite also heals the ascension process by drawing the light body down into the physical realm and connects the higher mind to the highest frequencies of the body. Kunzite gemstone also heals muscular disorders, fevers and urogenital system of the body. It heals the thyroid and the parathyroid glands and is an excellent booster for the adrenal glands, throat and brain. It is a natural pain reliever and lowers blood pressure and heals infections.

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