History of Birthstone

History of Birthstone

Gemstone assigned to each month of the year is the birthstone. Birthstone is traced back to the history Breastplate of Aaron that was described in the book of exodus in the Bible. The Breastplate was a religious garment studded with the twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel.
The modern birthstone list has been unchanged since 1912. Only recently two attempts have been seen in the change of the Tanzanite. In 2002, there was an announcement from the American Gem Trade Association for the addition of Tanzanite in the birthstone for December, although December has already two birthstones i.e. Turquoise and Zircon.
Birthstones are very special for the gemstones lovers. Precious gems were set according to the signs of the zodiac. The JA (Jewelers of America) has formulated the modern lists of birthstones in 1912. Birthstones are especially popular for use in the gemstone industry and in the jewelry designing. Let us look at the Birthstones according to the month:
a) January – Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January.
b) February – Amethyst. It induces sleep and brings calm and mental peace in the life.
c) March – Aquamarine. It is associated with good health, love, youthfulness and hope.
d) April – Diamond. These are traditionally linked to love and wisdom.
e) May – Green Emerald. It cures people from the bad health and improves memory and reasoning power.
f) June – Pearl, Mother of Pearl. It brings chastity and modesty.
g) July – Ruby. It is associated with kingdom life and wisdom.
h) August – Peridot and Spinel
i) September – Sapphire Gemstones
j) October – Opal and Tourmaline
k) November – Yellow Topaz and Citrine
l) December –Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Tanzanite and Alexandrite



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