Impact of Mars On Your Life

Impact of Mars On Your Life

Mars is the deity of the Buddhists, and the God of the Romans. It is the God of war. Mars symbolizes the senses and thus it rules over the animal instincts in man. It is considered as an evil planet but it is all that rules over such important qualities in man, such as courage, self-confidence, impulse for all heroic deeds. It is this that gives activity, muscular strength, grit, force, character and independent spirit and power for practical execution.

Mars gives determination, the desire to succeed in the material field, favors learning of sciences, leadership in all pursuits and governs over foreign affairs. If it is placed weak and afflicted in the horoscope, it causes rashness and anger resulting in fool-hardy acts. Further the native may be liable to suffer from hot and fiery complaints which are generally serious and of short duration such as fever, small-pox, surgical operations, greed, misfortunes, violence, carbuncle and quarrels.

According to Hinduism, he is the God of Kumaraswami or the Fighting Power. Thus, he is the commander-in-chief of the Celestial armies. Mars denotes service under a king, and his favor, marital spirit and courage, the riding of horses and carriages, the taming and training of wild animals.

Mars rules over contentions, wars and mental aberrations.

It is about 48 million miles distant at opposition to Earth. It is hot, dry and barren and rules over fuming acids. It governs mainly over brothers, lands, and enterprise. The powers of logical reasoning, boldness, war-like nature are all endowed by Mars.

When Mars is placed in such houses which have relation with profession, the native becomes either a soldier, a butcher, a dentist, an engineer, or a surgeon, or he or she may follow some vocation connected with iron, steel or fire.

When ill-dignified or ill-aspected – It can cause rash and aggressive spirit, combative and destructive nature, head strong and unruly.

Organs of the body aspected by Mars

The forehead, muscle, nose sex organs and blood vessels.

Ductless Glands

The testes

Diseases connected with afflicted Mars

All acute fevers and inflammatory complains, plague, small-pox, burns, brain fevers, hemorrhages, polypus, urine infection, sunstroke, appendicitis, muscular rheumatism and malaria.

Animals represented by Mars

Tiger, wolf and other savage beasts.

Birds represented by Mars

Hawk, kite, vulture and other birds of prey.

Planets and Herbs

Raddish, thorny planets, garlic, mustard, box tree, hemp, coriander, tobacco, pine, red fruits.

Places represented by Mars

Battle field, slaughter house, smith’s shop

The placement of Mars in the horoscope determines our strength and weaknesses. Mars is also the ruler of marriage. In astrology, it has been seen that the position of Mars is taken into consideration while matching the horoscope of bride and groom. The position of Mars in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house, then it forms a Manglik dosha. Mangal dosha can create lot of troubles in finding appropriate groom and bride and it also creates delay in marriage. There are certain pooja and remedies which can help to combat the ill-effects of Mars for delay in marriage.

If it is placed in the house of marriage or 7th house it can cause constant quarrels between the spouse, frequent disputes in the married life which can lead to divorce lessens the longevity of the marriage partner, public opposition and a little exacting nature.

If Mars is placed in the first house, then it can cause combative nature, executive ability, love of debate, undaunted nature with go-ahead spirit.

If Mars is placed in 8th house, then there can be a liability of violent death, losses by thefts and fire.

If Mars is placed in the 12th house, there can be violence from secret enemies, strange and unfortunate experiences and danger of imprisonment

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