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Importance of maharudrabhishek puja

Importance of Maha Rudrabhishek Puja

Importance of Maha Rudrabhishek Puja
Ancient texts and scripts depict the Sri Rudram in the primeval Vedic hymn of assorted names of Lord Shiva. Different aspects of Lord Shiva are worshipped through the chanting of Sri Rudram. Rudra Yagya is performed by lighting a fire (Yagna ). This is one of the most important and dynamic aspects to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva for relief in life for all kind of problem and to fulfill the desires with precious Lord Shiva’s blessings.

This is a divine puja that helps one to get good health, wealth and happiness. A person is secured from all kinds of evil effects and enemies by performing this puja. Relationship with the family members and the spouse is improved and amended. Peace has prevailed and attainment of a spiritual level is also achieved.

Lord Shiva is considered as the third deity according to Hindu triology which is accompanied by Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. He is the one who demolishes all the evil eye and one who bestows the greatest blessings when impressed. The month of Shravana is solely dedicated to Lord Shiva and performing this divine puja and honam in this month is very fruitful.

Puja Procedure
Shanti Path, Ganesh Sthapan, Lord Shiva Sthapan, Varun Kalash, Agni Sthapan, Swasti Vachan, Navgraha Mantra Japa ( 1 mala for each planet ). Paath of Rudra with Chamakm, Lord Shiva’s Abhishek with 1008 Belva Patras, Homam with Ghee, Sugar, Til, Oats, Ashtagandha, sandalwood Powder and Aarti, Prasad to Brahmana.

Duration of Puja
The duration of Pooja should be 7 to 8 hours per day.

Number of Priests
7 priests should be given the tasks of performing the puja.

Puja Cost includes
The materials needed for the Puja should include coconut, beetle leaves, fruits, ghee, Prasad, sweets and havan kund samagri. Food to be given to Brahmins and Purohits who participates in the pooja and vastra daan too.

Puja Prasad
The “Prasad” of the puja is sent to the clients via couriers.

Details required for Puja
We request you to provide us the following details for the Puja in the fields provided above :
Name of the person
Date of birth
Place of Birth
Time of Birth
Additional information

Please provide this information in the fields provided above along with the main image. Alternately you have an option of mailing us this information through email along with your Photo (if you wish) at the mail ID given below after you have placed your order.
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Puja Ethics
We at astrokapoor have special panditas and purohits who deeply bother regarding the problems of our clients. It is essential for pooja to be performed properly. It is guided under the ingenious guidance of Astrologer Prashant Kapoor. These pujas are performed by the very special learned and well experienced Brahmins. All Pujas are performed exactly according to the guidelines prescribed by our ancient sages. All Pujas are performed in Himachal Pradesh, India, and the venus is finalized by our purohits depending on the type of Puja. The date is normally fixed within 3 days and the receipt is emailed to our client.

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