Important Facts About Red Coral Gemstone

Important Facts About Red Coral Gemstone

Red Coral Gemstone Brings Confidence & Concentration power

Red Coral is also called as ‘Laal Moonga’ in Hindi. It is associated with the fiery planet Mars. According to Vedic astrology, Mars gives courage, good health and concentration to a person and also helps to enhance career and prosperity. Mars is an important planet that can also create havoc in one’s life basically, marital life. Red Coral stone can be worn as an astrological remedy for weak Mars according to different aspect of life.

Suffering from Low Self Esteem in life

There are various variety of Red Coral and these are found in various shapes and size as per your budget and monetary condition. Mars rules courage in life and those who have less fear and less confidence are certainly weak in life. Another name of Red Coral is Mars stone. Read the Benefits of Moonga

Red Coral Gemstone

Indian name for Red Coral is Moonga and also called as Mars stone.  The main sources are Australia, Malaysia, West Indies and Africa. It is suitable for Aries and Scorpio. It is one of the most suitable gemstones for planet Mars. It is lucky for the person born under number 9. The lucky day to wear this gemstone is Tuesday.

Health Benefits of Wearing Red Coral

Red Coral is a stone that gives quick recovery from diseases caused by the malefic planet Mars. The diseases caused due to this planet are fever, piles, small pox, headache, loss of vitality etc. In addition, it also cures diseases like blood cancer, anemia, kidney trouble, asthma, hernia, gouts and paralysis. The other important diseases treated by wearing red coral stone are piles, boils menstrual problem, rickets, appendicitis, kidney trouble, gallstones and breathing trouble.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Red Coral

Red Coral has numerous benefits. This is a lucky gemstone for those who have well-placed auspicious planet Mars in the ascendant chart. Especially it is recommended for those who have weak mars but not malefic. If you’re suffering from Mangal Dosha, then it is nt necessary to wear red coral until and unless you get consultancy from an expert astrologer, because the placement of Mars and the ascendant is also analysed before wearing any gemstone. It is also essential to wear energized gemstone to instill the power of Mars. This stone wins over the enemies and competitors and also helps to attain stamina and courage. It is good for the professional and personal growth. Additionally, it is one of the best remedies for those who wish to change and remove the marital life problems. This is also an auspicious stone for the pregnant woman for preventing miscarriages. It is also called as Mars stone.

Get Remedies for Delayed Marriage

It is useful to bring success in career. Businessman and traders can get whole lot of benefit after wearing this gemstone. In addition, pilots, sailors and army personnel also get good benefit on wearing this gemstone. In addition to all the above benefits, this gemstone protects the children from negative influence and helps them to grow in life. But before wearing this stone, try to energize it properly. It makes sense to order energized and certified coral gemstone to get best result as desired.

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