Important Features of Pearl Gemstone

Pearl gemstone is also called as Moti. It has been one of the most lovable and precious gemstones till now. Very famous quotes have been noted for Pearl or Moti since ancient time. It is believed that wearing Pearl gemstone can help a wearer to get out of the mental depression and other negative thoughts. The Indian name of Pearl gemstone is Moti. The appearance of Pearl gemstone or Moti has white shade with little tint of pink colour. Pearl stone or Moti is highly appreciated for the medical treatment of trauma and mental depression. Get ‘Gemstone Consultation’

  • Wearing Pearl stone enhances the thinking power of a person.
  • It helps one to think and act in a demanding situation.
  • Diseases like trauma, skin problems and insomnia can be treated by wearing pearl or moti.
  • On the physical level it also cures heart disease.
  • The pure pearl gemstone can calm the negative energy of the body.
  • It helps one to get over from anxiety and other mental related disorders.
  • Pearl is used since time immemorial by the woman for enhancing the beauty of their face.
  • Pearl stone acts as a tranquilizer and imparts soothing effect to the brain.
  • It is the best gemstone for the Cancer ascendant because the ruling lord of this ascendant is Moon.
  • If an afflicted Moon is present in the birth chart, then it is essential to consult an expert astrologer before wearing pearl gemstone.
  • But before wearing Pearl, it is essential to analyse whether the gemstone is natural or not because there are many gemstone sellers selling fake gemstone in the name of Pearl.
  • The price of the Pearl depends on the cut, color and the clarity of the stone.
  • The highly prized pearl or moti stone is the Basra pearl. It’s price may vary between INR 10,000 per carat to INR 20,000 per carat.
  • Pearl is suitable for professionals who strive for ideas and new creativity.
  • Pearl or Moti gemstone should be worn on Monday during day time.
  • Before wearing, the stone should be energized with suitable mantras and rituals.

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