Incredible benefits of yellow sapphire

Incredible Benefits of Pukhraaj Stone

Pukhraj Stone has immense benefit and is  (pushkaraj stone) also called as Yellow Sapphire Gemstone. The Yellow Sapphire Gemstone also well-known as “Pukhraj” or “Pukhraj Ratna” in Hindi. Jupiter, the planet of growth is the ruler of Pukhraaj stone. This is a benevolent planet and ruler of the two important signs of the Zodiac- Sagittarius called as Dhanu and Pisces, also known as  Meena. The Astrological signs in English are known as Rashi in Hindi therefore, Pukhraj is the gemstone or can be also called as Rashi Ratna for Dhanu and Meen Rashi. The Pukhraj Gemstone is a remarkable gemstone and gives blessings of Jupiter to the wearer.  Benefits of Pukhraaj Stone are numerous.

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Who can wear Pukhraj (Pushkaraj Stone)

Jupiter is a pious and benefic planet and Yellow Sapphire is a powerful gemstone. It is known that people with Sagittarius and Pisces Moon sign can wear Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraaj gemstone. To get excellent result one must go for the gem recommendation. If Jupiter is in a good position in a horoscope then one can wear Pukhraaj. Benefits of Pukhraaj stone is due to the planet of growth Jupiter.

Pukhraj Stone (Pushkaraj stone) Price

The price of the gemstone depends on the quality and most important factor in the 4C’s that determine Pukhraj Stone Price is the colour. The purer the color with desired saturation the higher the price. You can visit our website for detailed guidelines for Pukhraaj stone. Benefits of Pukhraaj had made it a highly prized gemstone.

Benefits of Pukhraj Gemstone

Since Pukhraj is the gemstone which belongs to Jupiter Guru of the Devtas, it blesses one with wisdom, knowledge, moral values, auspicious wealth and health amongst many other things. Since it denotes husband in a female life the Gemstone of Jupiter blesses one with Yoga that confers a happy life and auspicious married life.

Test for Pukhraj Stone (pushkaraj stone)

India is the largest consumer of commercial and poor quality treated Pukhraj stones that occupy the bottom of the Gem Pyramid and it is not advised for Astrological Purposes. The milk test and sunlight test are poor test that are not scientific. The common treatment in Pukhraj stone is heat treatment and coloring treatment. For checking these two it is important to check the stone in reputed gem lab.  For astrological purposes only pure and natural pukhraaj stone should be worn. It is essential to get a certificate from reputed gem lab before wearing pukhraaj stone. Also essential to consult an expert astrologer before wearing pukhraaj stone.

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