Introduction to Fire Signs

Introduction to Fire Signs

Aries – It is ruled by Mars and rules the 1st house of our horoscope. The people ruled by this sign certainly want to be first in everything, and this is as it should be. The purpose of Aries is to begin or the initiator. The characteristics which are found in this sign are enthusiasm, leadership ability and courage. Like Ram it symbolizes, pushing forward, aiming for the target impulsively and with the intention to conquer. Being a fire sign, the people under this sign expresses their energy in a dynamic way and with incredible spirit. Fire also operates in the present moment, and not being able to see ahead, and simply refusing to look behind.

Mars adds to the clear picture of Aries and this sign is more concerned for creating and initiating individual identity, and then expressing it without limits. With all its amazing energy and race of achievement and victory, comes the shadow of Aries as well.

Leo – This is the fixed fire sign and it rules the 5th house. Leo, as a fixed sign is mature and stable in taking decisions regarding the professional and personal life. Leo’s are more concerned for maintaining a sense of individuality and with being able to freely express his energy.

They are ruled by the Sun and add the quality of vitality. Leo wants to be the center of attention and their presence warms the heart and makes one aware of own solar energy. It is also quite true that Leo is the most generous sign of all.

Fire signs are honest, as a rule, everything about them is out there for the world to see. Leo can be sometimes unpretentious as a child and all he or she wants can be seen and recognized for who you he is. More than any other sign, Leo should learn that true self-worth comes from within. He can be original, sometimes drama queen, and seen throwing tantrums to get all attention.

Sagittarius – This is a mutable sign and ruled by Jupiter. It rules 9th house of our horoscope. It is the most adaptable of all the fire signs. Mutable signs are responsible for finishing up the work of the cardinal signs. Being ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, this sign is constantly on a hunt for new and expansive experiences and horizons that lead to fulfillment and knowledge of who he is. This sign has a deep need to explore universal truth and often do this by studying philosophy or religion. This sign has a deep desire to explore the universal truth.

Sagittarius exhibits fiery qualities in the sense of little patience and with the details and much more concerned with the big picture. He is optimistic and contagious and also spread warmth easily by teaching others about the hope and believes. They are an open hearted and enthusiastic, and has much to offer the world and excludes a charisma that is larger than life.



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