Shani Priya Gemstone

Iolite Gemstone – Top Ten Benefits

Iolite Gemstone is also called as Neeli. In sacred texts, it is known as Upratna for Blue Sapphire. In some vedic texts, it is known as kaka nili. Iolite Gemstone is the substitute for Blue Sapphire so also known as the Shani Priya gemstone. It is much loved by Saturn. Sometimes Iolite Gemstone is also referred to as Dichroite because it exhibits intense violet blue, purple blue, light blue and yellow grey colors if we view it from different angles.

Iolite Gemstone Top Ten Benefits

  • Iolite gemstone has powerful effect like Blue Sapphire. It is the favorite gemstone for Saturn. Iolite gemstone is also referred as Shani Priya gemstone.
  • Iolite gemstone is the gemstone which imparts higher values and ideals to a person. It directly imparts the crown chakra of the body.
  • This is a powerful gemstone to relive problems like insomnia. It is effective for improving the biological rhythm of the body. It helps in the improvement of quality of sleep.
  • Iolite gemstone is helpful for boosting immunity and gives strength to an Aura.
  • This is a powerful gemstone for balancing the Yin-Yang energies and strengthens the nervous system of the body.
  • Iolite gemstone is helpful in removing the toxicity and removes addiction too.
  • It helps one to be independent and heightens the perceptive power too.
  • Iolite is helpful in healing the upper part of the body and heals throat and thyroid glands.
  • Iolite / Neeli gemstone is also useful for the person who is in the sports and the physical activities.
  • Iolite gemstone is useful for the people who are in the occult sciences and imparts them energy which helps them to achieve the desired results of the same.

Astrokapoor’s Iolite Gemstone

  • All are Jyotish Quality Gemstones.
  • We have a lot of natural mined iolites.
  • Even color.
  • Pleasing color with royal Bluish Violet to Deep Royal Bluish Violet.
  • Fantastic clarity that defines them for the jewelry grade.
  • Free from flaws.
  • Blessings of Saturn.
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