Jupiter In The Twelve Signs

Jupiter In The Twelve Signs

Jupiter in Aries – A middle stature, but not stout, rather than lean. A penetrating eye, a high nose, oval visage. Very obliging people, especially to their friends.

Jupiter in Taurus – A middle stature, stout and well-set body. Skin shiny and oily. The person is reasonably sound and disposition good, behaviour free from adultery, charitable and very humane. White sapphire for Taurus

Jupiter in Gemini – Represents a well made, compact body, plump, yet above the middle stature. Expressive eyes with dusky complexion. Good natured, lover of learning, courteous and affable.

Jupiter in Cancer – Gives a middle stature, a pale and sickly complexion. A busy loquacious character, very conceited, a lover of women, and fond of the water.

Jupiter in Leo – Represents a strong and well proportioned tall body. The hair is light or yellowish brown. The disposition is noble-minded, courageous, and magnanimous, rather handsome. Fond of contending for honours and full of daring enterprise in life.

Jupiter in Virgo – Gives a person of a reasonably full stature, well built and termed handsome, sad brown or black color hair. One who is choleric, and given to boasting, studious yet covetous. Not easily imposed by any person.

Jupiter in Libra – It renders the body complete and elegant, a handsome form, and inviting face. Clear complexion, full eye, and an oval face. Disposition and temper mild, behaviour winning and obliging to all the person.

Jupiter in Scorpio – Gives a middle stature, stout an compact body, dark, coarse hair. Manners proud and lofty, one who is ambitious and desires to bear rule over his equals.

Jupiter in Sagittarius – Gives a fine, tall, upright body, good form and makes an oval face. A good eye and many expressions in the face. The mind is just noble, disposition courteous, humane and affable.

Jupiter in Capricorn – Describes a small stature, pale complexion, thin face, little head and a weak person. The mind is ingenious but peevish and inactive.

Jupiter in Aquarius – Personates a middle stature, well set, brown hair, clear complexion, compact make. Well conducted, merciful and moderate in recreations. Inclined to be scientific personality.

Jupiter in Pisces – Describes a person middle stature, obscure complexion, plump, fleshy body. The person is friendly, kind and inoffensive. They delight in good company.

Note – This is an only a generalized concept. Details depend upon the individual birth chart.



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