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Kaal Bhairava - The Justice of Time

Kaal Bhairava – The Justice of Time

Kaal Bhairava – The justice of Time
Kaal Bhairava is the judge and the decision maker of the life of a person. Time is relative decision maker of person’s life. We know very well that Time and Tides wait for no one. We waste it without no issue and it can be lost easily. Time is ruled by Kaal Bhairava. As the name suggest, Kaal Bhairav is the lord time and it comes at the right place at the right time.

We should not waste time as it is precious of all
If we respect time, it will respect us in return. We should always use the time for proper work and activities at the right time and at the right place. If we are particular about time, they will bless us by the good time, Kaal Bhairava.

Chant Bhairava’s Name
Chanting Shiva Sutra – Udyamo Bhairava can bring instant upsurge in one’s consciousness. We all perceive reality in one way or other. If we will waste time, then we miss out many instant opportunities that can help us in the end. To, therefore, make the most of the opportunities, this mantra can bring immense benefit to the person.

Chanting Benefits of Shiva Sutra
Bhairava name is beneficial for bringing good luck in life. The word ‘ Bahi’ indicates material wealth and ‘ Ra’ indicates it will dissolve all the negativity of minds. ‘ Va’ menas it will help in creating things that can give benefit to the wearer. Chanting these syllables, i.e. Lord Bhairava’s name is beneficial. It should be chanted 8 times in a day with a gap of 1 minute. This mantra can be enchanted 108 times or be written 1008 time. It can give better result and enhance good luck in future.



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