leo Characteristics

Leo Characteristics

Leo Characteristics

A Leo zodiac person is very independent in thoughts and actions. Leo characteristics are, they are dominating and charming people. Leo’s are warm and action-oriented. Leo people personality traits are weighted by their enthusiastic and socialization. They love to socialize and make friends. This personality trait makes them a great leader. Leo zodiac sign people are ruled by the planet Sun. A Leo person always prefers to rule by the front. Leo characteristics are also dominated by the motto “What you get, what you want”. Leo person is a diplomat; they get along with peoples from all walks of life. They are not analyzer and impulsive. Leo personality traits are dominated by the egoistic tendencies. Leo’s are creative and they end up with great ideas.

Leo Birthstone

The birthstone for Leo is Ruby. Ruby is the birthstone for July while Peridot and Sardonyx are the birthstones for August. Leo birthstone is Ruby as it is brighter than the Sun and carries the cosmic rays of the Sun. Ruby is also called Manik in Hindi. Peridot is beautiful green in color. Peridot removes the negative energy from the body. Sardonyx is a variant of Onyx which is formed of red bands instead of black ones.

Leo Male Characteristics

Leo males are characterized by the virile tendencies. They love to impress people. Leo males are attention seekers and always want to be the center of attraction. They are dominating and loved to be bossy. They never take anything seriously and their optimism helps them to achieve their goals. Leo male has a bad temper. Leo male develops a deep sense of insecurity when their near and dear ones ignore them.

Leo Female Characteristics
Leo females represent the lioness of the jungle. Leo characteristics feminine energy are lively, charming, beautiful and sensual. Leo females love a life full of luxuries and pleasure. Leo woman love to be surrounded by the special people. This is one of the very special Leo characteristics. They are very creative so they excel in the creative fields.

Strengths of Leo
Leo is a born leader. Leo person power of communication is very effective. They are calm and remain positive in every situation of life. Leo’s are fun to love by nature and quickly adapt to the changing situation. Leo people are sincere and committed in their relationship. Leo person likes to explore new things in life. They are good at making decisions and broad mind.

Weaknesses of Leo
Leo people are highly dominated in nature. Sometimes they become bossy and like to do things on their own. Leo people are intolerant towards an issue. Leo people are quite frank and arrogant in nature. They do not apologize easily and they get easily jealous in a relationship. Leo’s are impulsive peopl



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