Lord Kuber

Lord Kuber

Worship and please Lord Kuber
In today’s world wealth is given more importance and considered a person as successful. In fact, the wealthier you are, the more you have achieved in your life, according to the people and the society. One of the best ways is to worship Lord Kuber – the God of Wealth. Before knowing the exact method of worshipping Lord Kuber, let us know who Kuber was.

Kuber was a very common man loved Lord Shiva – the creator of Universe. Being impressed by his tough prayers Lord Shiva decided to meet Kuber. After meeting him, Lord Shiva granted him the guardianship of World’s entire wealth. The Kuber was immensely happy, but he became little greedy. He forget that he is the only creator and not owner of the wealth. This changed his mind and attitude towards Lord Shiva. Then Lord Shiva decided to teach a lesson to Kuber. He sent Lord Ganesh to the feast that Kuber arranged for all Gods.

Lord Ganesha attended the feast and ate all the food prepared by the Kuber for the event. The Lord Ganehsa was extremely hungry and he was even ready to eat Kuber himself. This was the moment when Lord Shiva made realize the Kuber, the power of self-realization and his wrong intentions and doings. All this made Kuber understand that he shouldn’t misuse his power.

Kuber Yantra
The Kuber Yantra is a metal plate inscribed with conciliation of Kuber. The Yantra has a total of 72 rows and columns, 72 is considered as lucky number that helps in increasing the prosperity, energy and wealth in life. Place Kuber Yantra at home or office, if you want to live a prosperous life. One should ofer prayers to Lord Kuber after placement of Kuber Yantra

Ways to Please Kuber – The Wealth of God
1) Place Kuber yantra on a flat surface or hang it in North or East facing direction.
2) While praying, sit in a comfortable direction with straight spinal cord.
3) Elighten fragarnace before praying Kuber yantra. This lightening brings the positivity in the atmosphere and removes negativity outside.
4) Focus in the center of Kuber Yantra. This is similar to meditation. Now chant mantra “Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namah”. Chant this mantra for minimum 21 times and maximum for 108 times.
5) Keep what you desire in your mind – the result which you want while performing the prayers.

kubera puja materials
Wooden plank, kalasa, mango leaves, flowers, rice, chandan, betel leaves, oil, milk, honey, curd, panchamrit, kheer, wheat, yantra of kuber, haldi, water, ghee, betel leaves supari, deep, matchbox.

The ‘Amavasya’ day in the month of November is auspicious for the Sri Lakshmi Kubera Pooja. The Yanthra of Kubera has to be placed on a clean cloth and plant leaf spread over wooden plank on a Friday or Tuesday. Kalasa should be placed on the plank near the yantra on the right side. It should be filled with clean water mango leave should be placed in the Kalash.

The regular praying of Kuber Yantra can help you to stay healthy and wealthy in life. You should also offer prayers in the morning to Kuber before leaving for work. It will also reflect on your work style.



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