The Magical Mantra for Lord Shiva

The Magical Mantra for Lord Shiva

The Magical Mantra for Lord Shiva
Shiva Yajur Mantra (Karpura Gauram Karunavtaram) beautiful sanskrit mantra for Lord Shiva.
Karpur Gauram – The one who is pure and white as camphor.
Karunaavatarm – The epitome of compassion.
Sansara Saaram – The one who is the essence of the world.
Bhujagendra Saaram – The one with the serpent king as his garland.
Sadaa Vasantam – Always residing.
Hridayaaravinde – Heart like lotus.
Bhavam Bhavani – Parvati, Lord Shiva’s consort.
Sahitam Namami – I bow to you both.

Monday is ruled by the Moon and the deity for Monday is Lord Shiva.
Nakshatras are the daughter of Daksha and they are all married to the Moon. The moon journeys through each of the 27 nakshatras. But it was more attached to the Rohini nakshatra and spent more time with her. The other nakshatra felt very isolated and complained to their father Daksha who cursed the moon.

Mythologically Moon is also referred as “Mind”, and it has a strong influence on our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The other planets are away from us and Moon is the closest to us. So if we have a strong Moon, we have the power to control our emotions and we have a strong mind that also helps us to withstand any negative planetary influences. Therefore strengthening the Moon (mind) is extremely crucial for a peaceful life. One of the most effective ways to strengthen our Moon is to worship Lord Shiva, especially on Monday. Meditate and try to listen to the most powerful Rudram chant for gaining prosperity and abundance from Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is also known as the Guru of Lord Shani and Lord Shiva presides over time. He is often referred as “Maha Kaal”, The Great Time. Therefore worshipping Lord Shiva can help to get relief of negative influence of the planets.



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