Mangal Dosha Remedies

Mangal Dosha Remedies

Mangal Dosha is considered as one of the most inauspicious yoga in the horoscope and the person suffering from this dosha, either male or female faces trouble in finding a suitable life partner. If the placement of Mars is in the first, fourth, seventh and twelfth house then it makes a mangal dosha. But there are certain remedies which we can follow to combat the effects of the mangal dosha.

A noteworthy explanation to this is, the fiery planet Mars is the main causative agent in causing mangal dosha. This gives a very severe impact on the life of the person. This is why the matching of the kundali is extremely important to know the exact position of the planet Mars. The effect of Mangal Dosha is difficult to ignore and is good if solved before the culmination of marriage. Red Coral is an appropriate gemstone for propelling Mars.

Mangal Dosha Due to Mars

The position of Mars in different houses differs and it is essential to determine the position through rigorous inception in order to avoid any breaking of relationship. If Mars is placed in the 1st house, it will have an impact on various aspects of 4th, 7th and 8th house and the adverse effect will result in the individual being rather aggressive and irritable. Due to the 4th house disturbed, potential problems regarding marital life could disturb a native. Further, we can analyse the 8th house that portrays greater obstruction by indicating towards fatal accidents.

If Mars is placed in the 7th house then it affects the household dynamics of the person. The ill effects of Mars may transcend the bride and the groom and may give adverse effects on the family members too. Moreover, there may be several financial problems that can disturb the family life. This can cause a huge loss of money, property and other valuable assets. The consequence can thus cause major implications on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of all those in life.

In the Vedic texts, there are different remedies which are provided for mangal dosha. The simplest method of reducing mangal dosha is regular poojas and recitation of the mantra. Another method is to follow some mantra and wear gemstone according to the position of the planet. Another practice is to culminate ceremony Kumbh Vivah



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