Mars in relationship and compatibility

Mars In Relationship and Compatibility

Mars in Relationship and Compatibility
Mars is feared and considered as planet that is fiery and if our partner gets caught in their ego it is considered as selfishness. In this case Venus gets overpowered. The secret of relationship is based on the harmony of the relationships and when Mars get stuck then it seems that nothing can be moved. Men are from Mars and female are from Venus and they are naturally attracted towards each other.

The Mangal Dosha or the Kuja Dosha or too much ego in a relationship is to support your partner and being a hero and thinking that they are getting their own way. Rather then fight and other ego in your relationship, use your creativity to ge5t what you need. Instead of ordering your spouse like a gangman, ask her should I help you with the dishes? For female, “Ask your man and try to make him question. Could you find time to pick up the kids today from the school’? Mars always wants to be a hero so make your spouse a hero and you can melt some Kuja Dosha.

The astrology of mangal dosha is not so much common as you have heard from you village priest or local astrologer. There are all kinds of cancellations but it is particularly difficult in Gemini and Virgo rising signs or rising Navmasha. Mangal Dosha creates problems in marital life if mars is present in the following houses in the natal chart or the D-9 Navmasha Chart.

When Mars is most afflicted and Kuja dosha is not canceled out, the following issues can arise from Mars in the following houses:

2nd house: Family life is impacted; sexual energy may be misused, disturbed home, tendency towards harsh speech and cursing and communication.

4th house: Troubled childhood, early separation may impact marriage to family life, family life can lead to aggression, frequent quarrels, and disturbed mind.

7th House: Fighting and quarreling with partners; sexual energy may be problematic, early intimacy and sexual passion is mistaken, parents may be selfish.

8th house: Can lead to being a victim and a victimizer, problems with scandals, reproductive problems, problems with joint finances, problems with in-laws if severely afflicted.

12th house: Can disrupt sexual relationships with couples; create distrust in marriage, personal ego may disallow the need to sacrifice

Ways to Overcome Kuja Dosha
1) Try to marry after the age of 28 and date a lot and become aware of how your Martian ego and control the nature of fighting.

2) Find a partner with whom you can fight but in loving manner.

3) Do Hanuman chalisa regularly to overcome the situation.

4) Try to get counselling.

5) Eat simple food and stay away from spicy food and calm your pitta dosha so that’s exual aggression and fighting can be handled.

6) Lear to handle your finances jointly and equitably.



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