Mangal dosha

Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha
Mangal Dosha is caused due to the fiery planet Mars. The planet Mars is also called as Mangal and this dosha is called as Mangal dosha or Kuja dosha in the ancient Sanskrit language. It is caused due to an astrological situation of planet Mars in the 1sr, 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 12th house in a horoscope of a person. Those who have this Dosha is called as Manglik or Mangal Dosha.
In a horoscope there are twelve houses in an astrological chart. The placement of the Mars planet in any of the above houses causes Mangal Dosha. This Dosha is also known as Bhom Dosha, Kuja Dosha or Angarakha Dosha.

Characteristics of Mangal Dosha
1) Either the male or the female can be manglik.
2) Mars is a fiery planet and represents energy, ego and self-esteem. If one is having Mangal dosha, the person will have a volatile temper. Manglik individuals face lot of problems in flexibility with their partners.
3) People who are Manglik have an enormous amount of energy compared to other people. Therefore, it is essential to use this energy in a constructive way, otherwise, they may become ruthless.
4) Mangal Dosha affects the married life, the mental state of the person and causes financial losses.
5) If two persons having Mangal dosha is married, then the dosha gets cancelled.

Effects of Mangal dosha
If Mars is situated in 1st house, it represents the house of luck and spouse also. Thus it affects the married life to a great extent leading to unnecessary violence and assault. Due to such behaviour, such a person might suffer from tension, depression and separation or even divorce.

If Mars is situated in the 2nd house, it may affects the family life of the person. It can create obstacle’s in the married life and professional life.

When Mars is in the 4th house, it will give adverse effect at the professional front. Such a person will switch over to many jobs and may not be professionally successful. There will be always some or the other financial trouble.

The position of Mars in the 7th house, a person posses too much energy and will be ill-tempered. There will be difficult cordial relations between the family members. The person will be dominating and will have a dictator attitude and he/she might have many partners.

When Mars is in the 8th house, then such a person will not be able to give respect to his/her elders and will also loose paternal property.

The position of Mars in the 12th house will make person susceptible to different enemies and he or she will also suffer from mental tension and financial losses.

How to reduce Mangal DoshaMangal Dosha Remedies
Various remedies can help to cure Mangal Dosha. Some of the important remedies useful in removing Mangal Dosha.
1) Procession of Kumbh Vivah
2) Reciting appropriate mantras
3) Wearing proper and suitable gemstone
4) Visiting the Hanuman and Navgraha temples



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