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Medicinal Value of Gemstones

Medicinal Value of Gemstones

Medicinal Value of Gemstones
A gemstone or gem is a piece of mineral that is finally cut and polished to give it beautiful shape. Gem Therapy is used in various mental and physical ailments. It can be used to cure disease related to planetary positions. Gemstone can be distinguished into Precious and Semiprecious stone. Gem therapy uses both the precious and semiprecious gemstones for healing. Precious gemstones are very rare and contain innumerable qualities in compare to semiprecious gemstone. Most gemstones are hard, but some soft minerals are used in jewelry due to soft luster. Gemstones have mystic power of healing in a supernatural way. They are linked to the planets, the Sun and the Stars and possess a power to able to heal disease and illness. Gemstones are known to possess power from the earth during their formation within the heat and pressure of volcanic eruptions.

Gemstones have enormous medicinal and healing properties. Stones are used today for healing purpose, as they were used during ancient times. The shape of the stone has a very important feature for healing purpose. It can be in the shape of long crystal wands with pronounced tip, or rounded stone to be kept in the pocket.

Gemstones are also known to be formed by the powerful combination of water and fire, and thus they hold enormous healing properties. Gemstones are also used in modern medical properties for healing. They are piezoelectric which means that electricity, and sometimes light is produced by compression. Gem therapy can remove headaches. Lapis lazuli can quickly draw off a migraine headache.

Healing Properties of some of the most common stones and minerals

Agate– Strengthens the effect of other stones

Agate Fire– Restores emotional balance and harmony

Agate Moss- Eases Depression

Alexandrite– Increases happiness and self esteem

Amber- Removes stress and mental tension

Apatite– Removes stress, improves expression and nervous tension

Aquamarine– Improves mental clarity and removes unwanted fear

Azurite– Improves decision making power, increases mental discipline and sensitivity

Beryl– Relieves stress, improves mental clarity, overcome laziness and protects the wearer

Bloodstone– Improves self confidence, courage, mental clarity, mental discipline and self actualization

Chrysocolla- Removes stress, and restores mental balance

Chrysolite– Improves mental and emotional well being

Coral- Restores emotional balance, banishes nightmare, eases mental tension and strengthens mental clarity

Diamond– Dispels stress, guards against envy, improves clarity and increases self esteem

Emerald– Restores mental balance, improves intelligence and memory power

Fluorite, Garnet- Promotes imagination, and guard against nightmares

Hematite– Improves self-esteem

Jade– Brings peace and happiness

Jasper– Reduces stress, promotes endurance

Jet– Reduces stress, and fight against depression

Lapis Lazuli– Removes headache, migraine, and ease stress

Malachite– Removes anger and depression

Moonstone– Removes mental imbalances, fear, depression

Onyx– Fight depression, soothe stress

Obsidian- Removes depression and negativity

Opal- Promotes creativity, love and Joy

Pearl- Brings peace

Peridot– It calm nerves and patience

Rhodochroscite– Promotes self love

Quartz, Amethyst– Improves creativity

Quartz Citrine– Reinforces self esteem, will and creativity

Rose Quartz– Improves self-confidence, love and self expression

Smoky Quartz– Improves creativity, enhances joy

Ruby– Reinforces confidence

Sapphire– Excellent mood elevator

Star Sapphire– Enriches communication

Tiger’s eye- Removes unwanted emotions, improves mental stability

Topaz- Enhances creativity, balances emotions

Tourmaline Black– Energizes and increases vitality

Tourmaline Blue– Improves communication

Tourmaline Pink- Sharpens insight and perception

Tourmaline watermelon– It energizes other tourmaline

Turquoise– Provide protection, build strength



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