Mercury and Saturn Conjunction in Horoscope

Mercury and Saturn Conjunction in Horoscope

Conjunction, Parallel and Benefic – Conjunction and Parallel are as good as the sextile and the trine. Mercury is the planet of growth and wisdom and Saturn is the planet that denotes wisdom. The vacillating temperament of Mercury is steadied down by Saturn, a heavy dull planet that gives concentration and depth of thought while the good of Mercury is accentuated. Thus these aspects give the native exactness, precision and accuracy at figures much forethought and steady procedure, skill and reserve nature, patience, persistence, industry and reasoning ability which are all key notes of success in life. Honesty, sincerity and adherence to certain principles in life make one fit to occupy any responsibilities post in life. This aspect gives a good head for mathematics, physics and engineering. A musician can keep correct time easily under this good aspect especially in “The Burden of The Song”.

Adverse Disposition – The native will be cunning and bitter and will meet many worries and domestic problems. There will be a period of despondency and ill-repute will overtake the individual. The person may be addicted to criminal tendencies such as forging, thieving etc. His dealing in his vocation will be unfair and estrangements are likely to occur.

When good by aspect – The native will be industrious and serious in his work. He will often take interests in higher thoughts subjects and may begin to practice concentration crystal-grazing, Pranayama etc. He may expect a promotion and increased responsibility if in service or may run a successful contract if in business.

When bad by aspect – The native may suffer through petty thefts, disagreements with relatives and superiors, there may be frequent quarrels and worries.



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