Pankaj Break Up With Priya – Driven By Ketu

Pankaj Break Up With Priya – Driven By Ketu

Pankaj Break Up With Priya – Driven By Ketu

Pankaj was madly in love with Priya. He thought that his life is incomplete without Priya. He felt that it is the time to confess to Priya about his feelings. Day and night he thought about Priya.

Priya loved Pankaj too but not as much as Pankaj loved her! Priya suddenly started feeling overwhelmed by Pankaj love, she was confused about what to do, so she started to distance herself from Pankaj. But Pankaj was a brave guy, he didn’t felt bad about this and started to love Priya more passionately than ever before. This goes up for some day and one day Priya started to completely break up with Pankaj! Pankaj was heartbroken! He asked Saturn who is the reason for this. Saturn pointed him towards Ketu!

Pankaj to Ketu – Why are you doing this Ketu? Why you do this to me?

Ketu – For your well being.

Pankaj – Ok! Fine! Then why by creating so much pain for me by snatching Priya from me?

Ketu – Dear Pankaj! It’s short-term pain.

Pankaj – but why? I am in a lot of pain.

Ketu – Because, you have not seen your self-respect and you start bubbling an I keep bursting your bubbles.

Pankaj – Please clear the answer.

Ketu – when you were blindly in love with Priya you forget days and nights.

Pankaj – Yes I did! I love her a lot and time flies if I am with her.

Ketu – Ok! How do you feel now?

Pankaj – Oops! A minute seems like hours. I am sad.

Ketu – From one extreme to another! You will settle down in a few days and you will feel that hours is hours and minutes is minutes.

Pankaj – You like me to be sad!

Ketu – No, I want people to be truly happy!

Pankaj – Then why did you sent Priya in my life?

Ketu –To teach you this lesson! This is my actual way of teaching a lesson. I want you to realize the world of true happiness and love. True happiness is beyond the material world.

Pankaj – Is this so! It will take complete life for enlightenment.

Ketu – No, it is possible here too!

Pankaj – How?

Ketu – When you will realize yourself, you will not depend on any other source of eternal happiness. You will be able to love just for the sake of love. Now you are in love because you feel empty from within. The love that you’re in feeling is not loved at all, it is the external mirage. You have immense love inside and you’ve to realize it.

Pankaj – Hmmm, how?

Ketu – Mediate completely; contemplate to the higher power that is governing all of us.

Pankaj – I still feel sad… I will try.



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