Planets and Man

Planets and Man

Do Planets Influence Man
Do planets influence man? Yes, planets do influence the lives of people because our temper and moods are not familiar to each other. In a family, also we see that our father, our mother and other family members are different from each other. Planets effects man’s life from each aspect as astrologically it has been founded that if Venus is strong in a person horoscope then he will be inclined towards arts, music and other creative science. The specific planet also rules different ascendants as for example, Libra and Taurus are ruled by planet Venus, so people who belong to these ascendants are beautiful and charming, similarly people who are Pisces ascendant is ruled by the Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and it helps Piscean to achieve overall growth and success in their life. The 12 ascendants in astrology are related to the 9 planets of the solar system.

Other findings shows that planets do influence human lives are, when the earth is called into its shape by the solar influences, where is the logic of suggesting that bodies on its surface are not affected by them? A trifling change in weather through solar causes brings neuralgia, headache, dysentery, plague and a host of other diseases too numerous to detail.

War mania is a striking illustration of planetary influences. Our temper and moods depend upon the secretions of ductless glands. At present, the position of Jupiter in Virgo has created some turmoil and disturbances with our neighboring country. Fear is caused due to the secretion of endocrine glands; indecision is a matter of thymus gland; and genius is a matter of thyroid gland. Sun’s cycle of behavior have their corresponding effects on these glands and their secretions and consequently on human behavior.

Amongst the villagers in India, it is till an old belief that tress should not be cut near the time of the New Moon for then the sap will dry quickly. The new Moon has an influence on plants has been shown by Dr. L. Kolisko. She ahs shown through experiments conducted for nine years that the maximum growth of wheat corresponded with the period of the increasing Moon just after the summer solstice and it was founded that “ maize was found to grow best when planted two days before full Moon”.

Gold is always associated with Sun. Traditionally Sun is associated with vitality and disease of the heart. If the Sun is afflicted in a horoscope, it indicates that one is predisposed towards heart trouble. One of the names of Sun is ‘Hiranyagarbha’. Dr. Kolisko has even shown the influence of planets on metals.
The movement and influence of planets also regulate climate. Consequently, the influences of planets are clearly perceptible. If there is any factor in the constitution of man and his temperaments, which vitally influences him for work or for laziness, for strength or for debility, for intelligence or for dullness, it is the climate. Therefore, it suggests the influence of planets in the atmosphere and the human body.



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