Power of Upratna

Power of Upratna


Semi-precious gemstones or Upratna gives powerful effects as gemstones. One may find the price easier for buying a gemstone but what gemstone can do for a person is a very difficult task. After determining the proper gemstone such as precious stone define as the Maharatna in Shastra, or may choose to work with a substitute gem or Upratna. The Upratna or Semi-Precious gemstones are available easily and can be bought at a much lesser price compared to the rarer precious gems.

The result which we get from the planetary gem therapy using an Upratna may differ from person to person. The common observation which has been seen us that the Upratna is effective but its results are slower in comparison to the precious or maharatna gemstone.

There are certain proof which shows the implementation of Upratnas and registered turnaround in life. However, upon reaching a financial status or achieving a particular goal, the desire overtook to replace the red garnet with the ruby gemstone and peridot with an emerald. While this is the only logical course of action incorrect gem therapy, the mistake can be in part with the gemstone that eased out the blockades in a person’s path.

In such case, it is advisable to reclaim the gemstone irrespective of the price for the size that brought positive results. The good and effective quality of Upratna cannot be analyzed just by the price. The natural peridot may be the upratna for Emerald with its own magical powers of releasing the emotional blockages. The red garnet has a genteel edge as compared to the fiery ruby gemstone. Therefore, people who find their fragile ego playing and spoiled relationship then working with red garnet can finally help.

Your Upratna may be a real blessing. The name Upratna and Maharatna are just for giving an identity to the gemstone and just to simplify understanding. In this era, with nature’s reserve on verge of extinction, the real gemstones at the apex of gemstone pyramid have become precious and rare.

How often should You change Your Gemstone?

Some people received good results instantly and their minds tell them to upgrade their gemstones. Gemstones deliver results as per their cosmic rays. Many people want to upgrade the gemstone within 2 months or 1 year of wearing them. We always discourage this notion because every gemstone and its results are different. If your Upratna delivered good result it does not mean that the precious one will deliver the same result.

You should try to realize and appreciate the fact that Upratna gemstone delivered result for you and it worked out with your energy system to bring direct and positive karma and made a change in your karmic life.

You must try to give your Upratna longer time to work without thinking over the upgrading the gemstone. Try to wear it for a minimum period of 2 to 3 years.

If you still want to upgrade your gemstone then keep wearing your semi-precious gemstone and wear an additional precious gemstone but don’t remove the one that gave you good result.

Hold your Upratna and see the miracle. Vedic Gemstone Consultancy

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