Precious Stones

Precious Stones

Precious Stones – what are they?
Precious gemstones are unique and carry its own gemological and healing properties. They help the wearer for removing any malefic effect of planets and heals the chakras.

Aquamarine is greenish-blue in color. It resembles the color of the sea and in Latin, the seawater is called as Aquamarine. It is crystal blue in color and looks like the blue sea.

Agate is a category of semi-precious gemstone and it belongs to Chalcedony. It has stripes of color on its body. The word ‘ agate’ is derived from the Greek word which means ‘happy’. It can be found in a wide range of colors and this stone was discovered along the banks of the rivers Achates, now known as river Drillo.

The carnelian is a microcrystalline quartz and chalcedony. It was used in jewelry since last 1800 B.C. It is a mixture of silicon dioxide and few impurities, that impart it a beautiful color. Carnelian is attractive and found in deep red to orange-brown in color. This is a semi-precious gemstone.

Citrine is a crystal. Its color varies from lemon yellow to deep red-brown or amber. The name ‘ citrine’ is derived from the French word means, lemon. It is popular because it is very affordable in comparison to yellow sapphire and yellow diamond. Citrine is also used in making stunning jewelry and often combined with other gemstones such as Peridot and garnet.

Emerald is a much-admired fantastic gemstone used for enhancing the beneficial aspect of Mercury. It is soft green to dark green in color composed of the mineral beryl. It is preferred over ancient history and is a very popular gem. It has a dazzling beauty due to which it is used in jewelry, finger rings and necklaces. The jewelry made of emerald is highly fascinated.

Garnet belongs to the semi-precious stone category. The name is derived from the Latin word “ granatus”, which refers to ‘ pomegranate’. It is widely used in the jewelry making since last 3100 B.C.

Kunzite is a beautiful icy pink color gemstone discovered in the year 1902. It was discovered by the gemologists Fredrick Kunz in a place of California and was named after its discoverer. It is found in Brazil, Canada, Afghanistan, USA, Mexico, Pakistan and Western Australia.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli is a semi-precious gemstone and it appeared as it has come directly from the Arabian night. It has a deep blue background with small golden dots on the surface. Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious stone and is valued for its deep blue color, and golden pyrite inclusions.

Moissanite is the exact replica of diamond and is a distinctive mineral discovered by the Noble prize winner, Dr. Henri Moissan in the year 1893. Moissanite was found as a tiny bit of silicon carbide, inside a meteorite in Canyon Diablo, Arizona.

Moonstone resembles the color of the Moon, so-called as such. It is named as moonstone because of its soft milky white color with a little bluish tint all over the surface. It is also called as ‘Stone of Emotional Balance’, and represents the moon goddess. An excellent gemstone helps in meditation.

Obsidian is also called as “ Apache tears”, and the other name of this semi-precious gemstone is obsidian. It is formed by the natural volcanic glass formed by the swift cooling of glutinous lava inside the earth. An obsidian is made as the same process of granite but later it cools down quickly and it transforms quickly into crystalline.

Opal is a symbol of clarity and optimism. It is a highly used gemstone, used in making of ornament and jewelry. There is numerous myth concerning the enveloped enchanting gemstone. It is also said that during an ancient dream of aborigines, the creator came down to the Earth on a rainbow to convey the message of peace to all the humans.

Pearl is used in jewelry since the last hundreds of years. Unlike other gems, the pearl is organic matter, which is found in the living creatures of the sea like mollusks and oysters. Pearl is formed as the mollusk or the oysters’ coat itself with the layers of nacre to protect from the unwanted materials, which could harm them.

Sapphire is the blue variety of corundum and is made of aluminum oxide. It is found in all colors excluding the red and the pink color of corundum. The red color corundum is called as Ruby. The Sapphires exactly resembles the ruby in all properties except the color.

Turquoise is one of the oldest semi-precious gemstone known to the man. It is opaque and clear. This stone is widely used in jewelry making for Pharaohs of Egypt and used as jewelry to complement dresses of the early natives.



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