Suicidal Tendencies in a horoscope

Principles of Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies in a Horoscope can be judged by various combination of planets in a horoscope. We have often seen people committing suicide for no reason as such troubling their life. Emotions play a very vital role in culminating the desire for suicide. But actually, the role of planetary combinations also plays a very important role in suicidal tendencies.

Some Principles of Suicidal Tendencies In a Horoscope

  1. The fourth house of the horoscope denotes happiness and the person takes such steps only when he or she is facing trouble. If a person is facing miseries in life, and if there is natural malefic such as sun, moon, Mars, Saturn, and Rahu, then this generates matsaya yoga, which brings person very compassionate and makes him very sensitive. The person also suffers a lot if the Karaka of 4th and 5th, Moon and Jupiter are also afflicted.
  2. The 5th house denotes the inner self and this shows how much harmony and peace we are at. If it is afflicted then it can make one insane and the person who is at peace within can take miseries from someone who is not.
  3. The functional nature of planets also plays a great role. The lord of Dusthanas afflicts the house where they are posited, there can be problems with the enemies from the 6th house from our own past karmas.
  4. Badhaka is important regarding health. It represents unknown evil and black magic forces and if it is placed in 5th house, there are high chances that the person can be insane.
  5. In all cases, one has to see the reinforcing factors and salvaging factors i.e. the papakarti yoga aspect, aspect of natural malefic and placement of natural malefic in kendras or trines or bhavas.
  6. If houses 4th from Moon are also afflicted by malefic, then chances of suicidal tendencies are more.

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