Role of Astrology In Popularity

We all want to be popular in our life. A sheer imagination of popularity gives us inner satisfaction. Popularity of a person shows that he is well known for his special qualities and achievements among the people of his city, state or country. A person is popular when the lagna and the lagna lord are strong and there are other supportive powerful yogas in his horoscope. It is also essential to analyse the dasa-bhukti of strong lagna lord and yoga forming the planets should run during his youth and the middle age.

In astrology, the general public is represented by the 4th house of the horoscope and the 10th house refers to one’s profession. If these are strong and their lords are also strong along with strong lagna and its lord, the person may be popular and could get recognition for his work. Apart from this the 5th house, the 9th house and their lords should also be strong and well placed, the person may be destined for getting recoginition. You can get detailed analysis of your birth chart through astrological consultancy services.

Saturn signifies the masses and when it is strongly and favorably placed, the person achieves mass following. Rahu if placed in the 10th house of a horoscope makes a native successful in politics. Venus in Sagittarius is helpful in giving name and fame. The position of Mercury in 8th house makes an individual capable, rich and famous. The moon stands for personality of a person and Jupiter denotes expansion. Their compatible and harmonious location in the birth chart makes a person successful and popular. The placement of Moon in the Kendra and Jupiter makes Gajkesari yoga, which is the most reputed for conferring name, fame, wealth and reputation. The presence of Panch Mahapurusha Yoga and Karak Yoga makes a person famous and popular in life. In addition, Vipreet Raja Yoga gives sudden rise, but if there is no supportive Raja Yoga, the down-falls occurs. Astrokapoor is the largest astrological website in India working for happy life of the people by providing appropriate solutions to their problem.

If we analyse the downfall, it takes place during the dasa-bhukti forming Arishta (Inauspicious) Yogas. The dasa-bhukti of the functional malefics i.e. lords of 6, 8, 12 house and badhaka planets also cause downfall of the native. It has also been seen that some person rise to a very high position, but also suffer sudden downfall and their reputation and public image is tarnished. This mainly occurs due to operation of good yoga forming dasa followed by that of bad yogas present in the horoscope.

 Mahatma Gandhi

He was Libra lagna with its lord forming the ‘Malavya’ Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga’. The placement of Jupiter in lagna to Moon forms Gajkesari Yoga. The aspect of Jupiter on the Kendra and presence of Mercury in lagna eroded him with keenness of mind and a man with humanity. The presence of lagna in Papkadtari Yoga gave him frail body, but presence of Mars in lagna made him energetic and active. Jupiter in 10th from Moon and aspected by Lagna lord Venus and 9th lord Mercury, gave him mass following for a noble cause.



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