Role of Planets In Ketu Nakshatra

Role of Planets In Ketu Nakshatra

Planets In Ketu Nakshatra
If planets are placed in Ketu nakshatras it denotes rebirth of s soul that has been born to complete pending Karmas.

Ketu Nakshatra is placed at the gandanta point which lies between the water and fire signs. They denote a sudden end to the karma associated with your previous life. We can rule out, the presence of any planet placed shows a pending karma that has came to complete the previous pending work. Ketu nakshatra acts like a bookmarker and it is interesting to know that the activation of associated nakshatras depends on the dasha and antar-dasha.

Ashwini Nakshatra – It is known that gazing the pre-dawn sky charges one with positive energy.

The Ashwini Kumaras are the initiator of dawn and hence watching the eastern horizon just before sunrise helps one to attain positive energy in life.

Magha –Magha denotes Lion. Drawing a family tree helps one to get a positive quality of this nakshatra.

Try to make your family tree as it will help you to get the blessings of your ancestors. This nakshatra is ruled by the Pitris or the ancestral spirits. Our ancestors are like blessings for us so their blessings can help us a lot ot get the maximum positive energy of life.

Mula – This nakshatra can be tamed by gardening.

Mula is shown by the reticulated roots, so if u needs peace then do a bit of gardening or walk in the park. While doing so, also gaze in the sky. Gazing in the sky will help you to remove all the odds and negativity from your life. The sky is a huge entity deprived of any exact measurement, so gazing sky can help you to get feelings of the huge positive entity.



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