Role of Rahu During Its Mahadasha

Role of Rahu During Its Mahadasha

Role of Rahu During Its Mahadash is very powerful. We know very well that each planet has its own major and minor phase that affects a person. The time period of going mahadasha and antardasha varies. Some planets have shorter duration of mahadasha and antardasha. The major and the minor period give results according to their placement in the horoscope. Let us discuss in brief, what a Rahu will do during its major period and how its result changes according to its placement in the birth chart.

Rahu in 1st House – It can give illness and friends and relatives may suffer

Rahu in 2nd House – Deprived of land and riches, financial troubles

Rahu in 3rd House – Respected, happy with children, wealth and good relation with wife and brothers

Rahu in 4th House – Mother’s death or sickness, considerable suffering due to losses

Rahu in 5th House – Mental worries.

Rahu in 6th House – Family troubles due to thieves, fire, superiors and other complications

Rahu in 7th House – Endangered by reptiles, suffering to the wife

Rahu in 8th House – Great danger of losing money

Rahu in 9th House – Misfortunes, loss of father due to sickness

Rahu in 10th House – Religious interest, interest in occult sciences

Rahu in 11th House – Good in all matters, favor from superiors.

Rahu in 12th House – Gets disheartened, unexpected losses

Rahu and Its Impact on the Birthchart

But here is a correction; Role of Rahu During Its Mahadasha will not always produce malefic effects. If he occupies the house of a benefic who in turn is well fortifies then Rahu will certainly produce good results. If we take an example of a horoscope – Placement of Rahu in 2nd house and Jupiter, lord of the 2nd, is in the 10th. Rahu is aspected by Mars from 7th. Rahu should give the results of Jupiter, who aspects the 4th house. Therefore, the native began and completed his education during Rahu’s period, got married ( Mars aspecting from 7th ), and got a son ( because Jupiter is Putrakaraka ), and had beginning of professional career ( Jupiter in the 10th ). Moreover Rahu’s Dasa was the second, the ruling period at birth being that of Mars. Hence good effects of Rahu were seen.

Rahu is a shadowy planet and north node of the moon. It gives results as per its placement in the birth chart. Generally, it is seen that during the major or the minor period of Rahu there are some hindrances in the life of a person. For such problems you should take an astrological consultation and perform proper remedies to get rid of the same.

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