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Role of Saturn In Your Birth Chart

Saturn is referred as a karmic planet. The placement of Saturn in our charts holds the key to understanding our pending karmas.

When we learn to be friends with Saturn, we will be able to unlock the full potential of your life.

Saturn has the capability to reward more than the Jupiter and Venus.

How to make friends with your Saturn?

  1. First get rid of the belief that Saturn is a malefic planet. This will clear the negative perspective of this planet.
  2. Secondly, you should learn to accept him as he is. His way of teaching is different from Jupiter and Venus.
  3. Understanding Saturn – This is one of the most important steps. Imagine a tough professor who is determined to help his students to pass with the flying colours. He may chose to risk his popularity. Saturn is the same. He is the task-master and his only aim is to live the life that is destined for you to the fullest.
  4. Once you understand and finally figure out the lessons of Saturn, the next important step is to make a good effort to learn and grow. We are allowed to fail and we make mistakes twice. So with every event it is important to bring about some awareness and take some time out to learn what that event has taught us in life, what are the key takeaways, how can we improve?
  5. Once we start analyzing this without expectations, magic happens, then slowly we get closer and closer to Saturn as friend and as time goes Saturn becomes the guiding force.
  6. Rewards are marvelous from Saturn. If we think, that we are doing right and accept a reward from Saturn, then Saturn is not going to reward us. We should be humble, so be a karma yogi.

Signs of a weak or negative Saturn

  1. Fatigue or Tiredness – Inability to stay energetic and lack of good night’s sleep.
  2. Feeling Cold – If you tend to feel cold, then this is also a sign of a weak Saturn.
  3. Stress – This is again a sign of a weak Saturn. We feel stressed sometimes; this is also a sign of weak Saturn.
  4. Poor Health – This is again a sign of a weak Saturn.
  5. Impatience – If you are always in a hurry to get things done and lack patience and perseverance this is a sign of a weak Saturn.
  6. Significance Delays – If you experience significant delays in most parts of your life, then it is a sign of a weak Saturn. Try to properly plan your life.
  7. Frustrations and Disappointments – Saturn is known to create frustrations and disappointments to make you stronger. So if you are unable to manage them, then they start affecting you and everything you do as well.
  8. Losses – If you experience more losses in life than gains, then it is a sign of a weak Saturn. This is a serious issue, so try to handle it properly.
  9. Loneliness – Saturn can sometimes make you feel disconnected and lonely. Try to make friends and go along with them.
  10. Dependency – We are all connected with each other and we depend on each other, but if this goes out of balance then we tend to become attached and we are unable to do things.

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