Ruby Gemstone In Islam

Ruby ( Yaqoot ) Gemstone In Islam
We have known several benefits of Ruby gemstone on here is the list of benefits and the significance of Ruby gemstone in Islam. Ruby in Islam has special significance.

Energy is the important component of all life and it is superior to any caste, color, religion, and belief. Energy doesn’t possess any allegiance to any certain religion direction.

Gemstones are the strong bucket of pure energy that helps the human being to attain optimal functions and better living conditions. There several examples from the belief in Islam religion that shows gemstones have been noted to a powerful effect. Gemstones are powerful reservoirs of energy that helps human beings to attain optimal functioning and helps one to build a better lifestyle. There are several examples that show that wisdom in Islam, depicting gemstones to have a powerful effect on the same.

Precious gemstones are highly valued as they possess special characteristics of their sensation and shaoor( innate wisdom ) described in the Holy Quran. It has been known that fair consensus is present in gemstones known as “ata” ( the gift ) from Allah and His power is bestowed on them.

Ruby is also known as Yakoot and is a popular gemstone and its benefits have been described at several places. This is a beautiful red color gemstone composed of mineral corundum and it also comes in the variety of shades that ranges from deep scarlet red to purple-red or vibrant reddish pink.

The explanation of Ruby has also been found in Surah al Rahman. The para has the complete description about the mineral.

Some of the held beliefs about ruby in Islam are:
1) Wearing ruby protects the wearer from wars and disputes. The warriors during the time of wars wore Rubies to have courage in the battleground.
2) The Ruby has the power to stop unnecessary worries.
3) Wearing a Ruby gives gaze to the person.
4) It gives vitality to the wearer.
5) Heart disease is prevented from wearing Ruby.
6) It cures one from nightmares.
7) Helpful for maintaining a conjugal relationship with a spouse.

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