Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Gemstone

Astrological Effects Of Ruby- Manik Gemstone
Ruby is a natural occurring gemstone. According to Vedic Astrology, Ruby is associated with the planet Sun. This precious gemstone comes in the dark red to light pink in color. Ruby is a costly gemstone. If the position of the planet Sun is beneficial in the horoscope, it gives good result to the wearer and he or she must wear the Ruby Gemstone for enhancing the power of planet Sun in the horoscope. One can have overall success and reputation in society by wearing Ruby Gemstone. A person can get promotions, awards, honor in the government services. It also helps the wearer to protect from the enemies and makes him self-dependent. Ruby Gemstone is the favourable gemstone for the politicians but they should have proper consultation of horoscope by an expert Astrologer as by wearing Ruby, they can achieve great success in the politics.

How To Wear Ruby – Manik
Ruby –Manik is a precious gemstone. If you wish to wear Ruby, you can wear a 3 to 6 carats Ruby light or dark Red & Pink color, transparent Ruby of Bangkok gives best results according to the astrological experience. Make a ring in gold or copper and wear it in the morning of any Sunday during 6 to 7 AM. Wear the Ruby gemstone in the ring finger.
Purify the gemstone and activate it before wearing it. Dip it in the milk, honey and pure water at least for 20 to 40 minutes, then burn 3 to 5 incense sticks, chant the name of Lord Surya Deva, wish a success, and take s blessings from Lord Surya Deva.
Take out the rings from water, dry it and round it up the incense stick 11 times while speaking the mantra “ Ohm Surya Namah “, after completion of the mantra, you can wear the gemstone in the ring finger. Ruby Gemstone gives good effects within 30 days and till 4 years it gives full effects. It becomes inactive after 4 years. To get the good results of Ruby, you can wear Bangkok Ruby. If you will buy a cheap gemstone, it can give bad effect to the wearer.

In which finger Ruby [Manik] should be worn?
Ruby-Manik gemstone should be worn in ring finger, the finger of the Sun in the right hand.

Day and time for wearing ruby – manik gemstone
It should be noted, to get the good astrological affect ruby-manik should be worn on Sunday morning between 5am to 7 am in shukla puksha.

Metal to wear wear Ruby – Manik gemstone.
To get the best result, ruby-Manik gemstone should be worn in gold or copper ring because it needs yellow metal for giving the good effects to the wearer.

Is it must to activate the Ruby – Manik gemstone before wearing?
It is essential to activate the Ruby-Manik gemstone with a right astrological process, by enchanting the mantras because it may give bad effects if not energized properly.

Gemological Properties of Ruby
Chemical Composition of Ruby – Manik
Chemical Composition – Al2O3:Cr Aluminum Oxide with Chromium
Color – Red, pink to colorless.
Specific gravity – 3.97 to 4.05

Ruby Sources
Ruby-Manik Gemstone is mostly found in Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, Brazil, Madagascar, India, Pakistan, Burma, Australia and Burma.

Ruby – Price In India.
Natural Burma Ruby is price is very high and it starts from INR 20,000 to INR 100000 per carat in India.
The price of the New Burma Ruby starts from INR 6000 to around INR 25,000 per carat in India. African Ruby Price starts from 300 to 6000 per carat in India.

Should you wear Ruby – Manik Gemstone or not?
It is essential to wear any precious gemstone after proper consultation and you must check your horoscope before wearing it by an experienced astrologer. If you wish to get an astrological consultation for Ruby gems, then you may contact our expert astrologer, Mr Prashant Kapoor.
Before buying Ruby, make sure that you get it from a certified and reputed gemstone dealer. There are many gemstone dealers who sell fake gemstones, so before buying make sure to get a Certificate of authenticity from, IGI or GIA.



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